30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 22 – God Being God and Not You (or I)

There are days when I look at how I treat others and how others treat people causing me to have gratefulness of God being who He is. Imagine if you were God and had the choices He has to make each day. Imagine all the avenues of the He could treat someone? Goodness, have you ever had the thought of “if I were only God, I would _______.” Yeah, its actually humbling and mindblowing. Would the earth even exist if God were to simply pass on His power to you?

Oh, wait… He kinda did. Do I sense a rabbit trail?

[Insert Rabbit Trail] God has actually given us power to control and empower things such as how we treat people, miracles, blessings. But far too often we use the power to curse, teardown or dishonor others. It’s a tough pill to swallow at times when we step outside the box and realize YOU have the literal power to change the world! Selah…[End Rabbit Trail]

But for real, I find myself too often in a place of regret from the way I treat others, think about other and dishonor others. My hearts desire is for the Father/Jesus/God to be reflected off of me so that others see a clear(er) picture of God. When they see me, do they see Christ or do they see Josh. Now I am not bashing myself of feeding low self-esteem, but I am in a place that I see the need to change how I treat others. Meaning I am not abusive, but I want them to see a much better picture of who Jesus is.

So yeah, I am truly thankful that God is God and I am not.

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