30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 18 – My Prius

My Toyota Prius has gotten a lot of miles with all the travel we done. The car has from here at home to North Carolina, Tennessee, Central Florida and various parts of the southeast. Originally I did not like the look of the car, but looks aren’t everything, right? In the case of the Prius, it’s what is on the inside that counts for sure.

On average we get about 42miles per fill up on about a 10 gallon tank, which allows us to get a bit over 400 miles per fill up. The technology that goes into the car is pretty cool. In a nutshell there is tech that converts energy that is normally wasted, traps it and turns it into an energy source.

No offense to the tree huggers out there, we did not get the Prius for environmental reason, but solely for the purpose of saving SO much gas money. However, helping the environment is a nice perk as well.

The holidays are here and we expect to take the car to N.C. again for our annual meetup in the mountains. Something I look forward to each year now.

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