30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 17 – Flexibility

Flexibility is an important part of life and I am not talking about bending over or touching your toes. Although there are times those abilities are welcome. Rather, being able to adapt to what life throws at you can help you survive, enjoy life and exposes you to new experiences.

Today at church we had a guest worship leader and he was a very talented guy. Our praise band backed him up as he and his wife lead worship. If you’re not familiar with bands and musicians, it is much like a sports team. For example, a football team gets used to a particular quarterback and if a new QB comes in, the whole offense changes. Regardless, the team must make adjustments and remain flexible. The same goes for a band.

The last few months we have been going through some growing pains along with members dealing with life situations to which the band on a regular basis experiences various leaders and leadership styles.

While the band might be lead by a different worship leader, there is one variable that never changes. The pursuit of going after God. As band it is the one desire to worship God, then others will follow suit. No matter how hard the song is, if we don’t know it as well as other songs or if we mess up, as long as we going after Him it doesn’t matter.

Flexibility. Selah.

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