30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 16 – Baby Joe!

This was an easy day to talk about because it is the day of my son’s birth. I love this little guy! My wife and I were completely content with our Olivia, but we never knew that we could hold more love in someone else as we do with Joe. We didn’t think we could love a child as much as we do with Olivia, but the two get so much love from us and just as much love than the other (if that makes any sense). But it so cool to love a little guy and girl like we do with our two kids.

Life sure does change with kids. Our life was never the same with Olivia, now throw in Joseph and life is even more interesting. So many variables, changes and adventure comes with kids.

I adore watching my kids interact (at least when behaving, lol). Olivia and Joe love each other so much and it is really cool to see the love like that between them. Joe has changed our lives (for the good) and I look forward to seeing how God is going to use this little guy. Funny thing is, he is no little guy for his age. I don’t think any of kids stand a chance of being small with both sides of the family being tall. Anyways, Joe has some awesome prophetic words to grow up under. He is a dreamer, fighter, tender and caring fella.

He really is going to be a world changer! I’m proud to be his Dad! I am SO thankful for Joseph!

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