10 foot braided Mamba Cable Apple MFi certified by AwesomeCables.com (discount code inside)

AwseomeCables now has a new 10 foot Apple MFi certified braided cable called the Mamba Cable. AC has a few other cables to check out, but this is their new kid on the block. It was funded by Kickstarter a few months ago and had great success in raising the needed funds to get the cable made. The Mamba Cable is a nice addition to your device accessory family. There are many reasons of why you should get one.

First of all, I have not had the best of luck with most of my Apple cables that come with each device in the retail packaging. I have had many iPhone and MacBook cables tear up and become unusable. Not too mention that white cables hardly stay clean and end up looking gross. Most of the time I try not to use the cable that comes in the box because I want to keep it looking fresh for when I sell or trade the device. At this point I have a few 3rd party cables for all my devices I use as my daily drivers on hand at all times. That’s where cables like this Mamba Cable comes into play.

Most cables are only a few feet long and limit where you can plug your device in. The Mamba Cable is a whopping 10 feet long! AwesomeCables.com actually describes the cable to be designed for the wall-hugger. In other words, if you need to use your device while being charged and the cable is only so long; you’re gonna be rather close to the wall. Hence the term wall-hugger. Getting back on track…I like the strategy involved. However, for my practical use, I can use it for many situations.


There are two main scenarios I use the long cable for. The first is at my desk. The Mamba Cable can be woven through all the cable holes on my desk to limit the amount of desk clutter. I can plug the cable into an outlet or surge protector under my desk and thread it up into the desk, which helps with cable management. The other scenario is in the car during road trips. This is perfect for letting the kids use the iPad in the backseat. This cable is plenty long enough to reach from the charger port at the front of the car all the way back the kid’s seats.

Other reasons to get this cable is because of the durable material it is made with. The Mamba is made of a aerospace aluminum shells and braided materials. The combination is great and will last you for a long time. The cable is also pretty thin, which is nice because you can coil it up when not in use. Another benefit of a braided cable is that is doesn’t get tangled up.


While using this cable I have not encountered any problems and it’s nice to not have any complaints about a product. I think this is a great investment for your mobile devices. For this post I have the Lightning Cable, but there is a Micro USB available with the choice of two colors; black or glow in the dark.

Good news! You can save 15% off your order by using the code ‘MambaBane‘ at checkout.

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