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The Android Wear apps are definitely starting to flow into the Play Store now that the LG and Sammy released their new Android Wear smartches (does that even sound right? I’ll just stick with smartwatch or wearable for now). Developer John Burke has been hard at work adding his Zooper Wear styling to the mix. Zooper Wear was created moments after Moto gave us the preview of what the upcoming Moto 360 will look like and how it will sport the new Android Wear tech. John created the app Zooper Wear that compliments Zooper widget apps. In short, Zooper Wear is a widget that looks like the Moto 360 face that you can put on your phone. But now he supports the watches themselves. Check out the video below for the phone widget and it will give you a nice demonstration of how the app will work on the watches as well.

Some of the main functions of Zooper Wear is you get icon notifications for many apps you care about. This is customizable and can made to adapt to your notification needs.

Notifications for SMS/GMail/Calls & more!

  • Time/Date
  • Wi-Fi/Mobile Data indicators
  • Weather/Temperature
  • Battery percentage/Charging indicator
  • Upcoming Calendar Events
  • Album Art/Track Name
  • Dark/Light themes

Mind you that this is a companion app and requires some setup. All the instructions are on the apps Play Store description page.

John has been working diligently to make sure most of the top smartwatches are supported, so even if you don’t have the new LG or Samsung Live watches, there are others to choose from.

Supported Devices (as of this post):

  • Omate TrueSmart – Done
  • Sony Smartwatch 1 – Done
  • Sony Smartwatch 2 – Done
  • LG G Watch – Done
  • Samsung Gear Live – Done
  • Samsung Gear 2 – Coming Soon
  • Moto 360 – Coming Next Month
  • Glass – Coming Next Month
  • Neptune Pine – Still Investigating
  • Gear 1 – No Plan (too old)

As you can see this list supports quite the amount of smartwatches and more to come. As soon as I can get my hands on a new smartwatch I will be making videos on Zooper Wear for sure. I’ve got my eyes on the new Moto 360 when it comes out. What watches are you wanting to get or have you picked one up already? Let us know in the comments.

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