How do you like product reviews presented?

Do you care about the unboxing of a product or so you care more about the experience of a product? For example, if I review a battery; is it important to see it unboxed, what it contains or would you rather me use the battery and then make a video/review talking about how it performed?

I feel at times I don’t do a review justice if I don’t use it to it’s full potential. At times a product can’t be fully reviewed until after full use. Not just a first impressions, if it works, etc right upon unboxing. I don’t think making a follow up video is efficient for some products or is considered unnecessary content.

This all differs from phone or device unboxing and first impressions videos, etc. Even then I make two videos, which is OK for device reviews.

What’s your thoughts? How would you like me to review stuff? Thanks for your input. My goal is to always steer you in the right direction and give you accurate information so you can wisely make investments.

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