Xposed Framework – Before, now, and future support plus more “Explained” (Advanced User Edition)

Xposed Framework is a wonderful utility to have for the everyday mobile device hacker in mind. When custom ROMS like PacMan ROM are way too much (P for Paranoid Android, A for AOKP, and C for CyanogenMod) the Franken Rom syndrome (you heard that here first branded by me Marshall Williams) yes even the naming convention can be complex at times, but never dismissing the wonderful development they bring us. Flashing a new ROM can be tricky and difficult, but adding extra features to the stock OS created and intended for it’s audience you get best of both worlds. Xposed Framework -Before, Now, and Future support plus more “Explained” (Advanced user edition) so keep calm, take the red pill and I will show you how deep this goes!

pacman-rom-mainIntroduction and Before:

Screeching brakes, stop there Xposed Framework? What is this you speak of? Well, let me explain briefly, it’s a wonderful Android hack design by developers for users needing a simple approach when adding features without adding a custom rom. Thanks to the developers rovo89 and Tungstwenty we now have this technique. Think of it as a what I need when I need it while rooted. Tailored customizations that you pick and choose to enhance the Android experience as you feel fit using your existing Android OS.


Xposed Framework as of now still to date uses the now dated Dalvik JIT (Just In Time) run time emulated environment in favor of ART (Android Run Time). ART is Google’s new baby so to keep this simple think of it like this – Microsoft Windows Fat32 (file allocation table 32 bit) Vs. NTFS (new technology file system). This new move from Google has stopped/slow down this development for now, but let’s talk future development!



As it stand for now we don’t have any words on future dates and time for new development. What I do have is this, I was able to reach out to the great and wonderful developer rovo89 and this is what I got back from my time with him! Please be delicate and open-minded.

Hi Marshall,

Sorry, I’ve been away for the holidays and I’m still trying to catch up a bit.

Anyway, I’m not sure what I should tell you. I know how everything I say is read (and often over-interpreted) by lots of people, so I have to be careful with every sentence. Not willing to give interviews, there’s too much focus and pressure on my person already. I don’t really make plans for the future – first I need to get Xposed working on Lollipop with similar functionality as in the past. I have already made good progress there, but there’s still way to go.

People often speak about ART, which is a very complex and low-level software project. It’s highly optimized, and most of that optimization is based on knowledge about the app to be compiled. Its source code is assumed to be unchangeable, and therefore certain assumptions can be made about the code flow. It can calculate how the code will be executed and thus moves decisions from the runtime to compile time. But Xposed is all about modifying the source code at runtime, which invalidates those assumptions. This could lead to hooks being ineffective or undefined behavior, even crashes. One of the challenges is to keep most of the optimizations and still add enough flexibility to make Xposed work in a similar way as before. There are certainly others.

Anyway, ART is not the only challenge. SELinux makes many things harder. Same challenge here: We don’t want to disable it completely, so we need ways around it. There’s also 64 bit support which is quite tricky because it means that there are two Zygote processes now. I would like to achieve that before publishing anything, as it might require changes to the Xposed API or concept and also because I would like to test it on a real device myself that I actually use (Nexus 9).

That said – effort is not equal to time. If something takes a few dozen hours to implement, I first need the idea how to do it. And I need to sit down and actually do it. I’m not willing to spend all my spare time on Android. In fact, there are weeks where I don’t look at any source code, some where I spend half an hour on it and others where I use every free evening to work on Xposed. I believe that I don’t owe anything – it’s still a hobby project that I decide to work on whenever I like – or not. I am interested myself in making Xposed work with Lollipop, especially once I start to use it on my Nexus 5. I’m rather confident that it will happen, but I don’t know when.


Thank you rovo89 for all the hard work you have done and know we love you 100% unconditionally. We are all fans of your work and that is why we have a broad mind for future endeavors you may come out with in future time. I hope this post helps bring a light to the minds of the users and developers of this great project called Xposed Framework! Are we an effective team? We are an effective team! Below I have included the Xposed Module Repository and links to YouTube videos showing how this works! Feel free to see what we have to date and for developers keep doing what you do best (keep developing), because without all of you we would be stuck with …… fill in the dots guys and girls! Xposed Framework lives on and thanks everyone for the work you do to help support one another! Please don’t forget to donate to them here, I don’t have a direct link right now but please feel free to share that in the comment’s section below! I will be very happy to update accordingly and thanks

Links to see what we have: Bane-Tech.com on YouTube, RootJunky.com from XDA-Developers on YouTube, and TK bay from XDA-Developers on YouTube All great friends I work with

Google Plus Community: Xposed Framework on Google+

Source: Xposed Framework official website

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