WordPress vs Wix

WordPress vs Wix vs Squarespace

Why should a small business with limited resources and MANY challenges should be running on a CMS instead of HTML or WordPress VS Everyone Else.

The following information has been provided by a professional Google data engineer and digital marketer, Patherfinder Digital Marketing.

WordPress vs Wix

Reasons why to use WordPress or a CMS

Why should a small business with limited resources and MANY challenges be running on a CMS instead of HTML or WordPress VS Everyone Else

Let’s get down to this.
● A pure HTML website requires a developer to make even small changes, creating an ongoing cost deficit
● Any requirements not currently met will require development and effort, increasing cost
● You are limited to what is in that developer’s toolset.
● WordPress has thousands upon thousands of extensions that solve problems quickly
and efficiently – you can’t use those
● Even publishing a blog post requires a developer
● It is more difficult to manage SEO factors because they require custom development

● It is difficult to change the functionality of the website or the design increasing development cycles and therefore cost.
● It is strongly recommended that small businesses use a CMS to maximize efficiency
and adaptability. The ability to change an entire aspect of your website in 5 minutes
yourself is worth more than anything to be an agile business.
● Rapidly deploying changes to your lead generation systems usually relies on a system and those systems are usually built to integrate with a CMS such as WordPress

● Running a pure HTML website is a long-term commitment to a large financial outlay to maintain your website. Those monetary resources could be used in other areas like marketing and development. Every single thing will require your developer and be billed in return.
● By Consequence, you will not publish content to your website as often as you should
(4-6 times a month) because it is now a prohibitive cost
● With WordPress, you can have user management (and delegate content creation and
site management)
● You can easily implement e-commerce functionality
● I’ll say it again… Plugins – thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of work to gain
the functionality to meet business goals for free or low cost
● RAPID Content Marketing, Brand Building, Inbound Marketing, and all that NEEDS
Content Management
● You are at the mercy of your web development firm for every content update.

● If you are reliant on your web company to make edits, you will likely make fewer of them.
You will see less traffic and fewer conversions. In other words, you will think your
online marketing might not be worth it.
● We would rather have clients in column WordPress. They get it. They see the benefits.
We don’t need to control everything related to their online communications. They know their market and their customers. We would rather give them the tools they need to succeed.

● Businesses without in-house web developers need a system that is intuitive, allowing anyone to easily update information while maintaining their brand identity and keeping their messaging consistent to prospective customers and clients.
● What if you notice an embarrassing spelling mistake? You can just go fix it yourself OR you can email the developer, wait for her/him to read the email and queue the change and then publish it.

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I’ve consulted with 2400 clients in the last 7 years. Only ONE was running their business on HTML. One. – Tech Tony

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