What I want from OnePlus for their second flagship phone

What I want from OnePlus for their second flagship phone is basically an amped up version of the OnePlus One. The OPO was my top favorite phone from 2014. Too me, it was a Flagship Killer. Flagship killer in the sense of what device I wanted to own as my daily driver. There wasn’t another device that I wanted to use over the One. On a global scale, no it was not a flagship killer. There was no chance of it doing better than any of the top three manufactures of in the smartphone scene; and that’s just on the Android side of the spectrum. However, the OnePlus One won my techie heart last year for so many reasons.

The OnePlus One was beautifully designed. From the grinding sandpaper like texture of the backplate to the curving form factor. This was the first phone I truly did not want to cover up with a case because it felt so nice in hand. A 5.5″ screen is my personal sweet-spot of what a screen size should be. Not to small; not to big. The camera even looked sexy on the back. Physically the device was just….delightful [insert relieving sigh].

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? Well, in the case of the OnePlus One the os simply adds to the experience. For the time I had the OPO it was rocking the original os that was launched with the device, which was CM11s. At the time Cyanogen was the partnered os for the One. That changed shortly after a disagreement in terms between the parties involved. Personally, I believe roms like Cyanogenmod should be what stock Android is like. With that said, I enjoyed the OnePlus One from the inside out.

We are well through the year 2015 and the first batch of flagships. This is the timeframe of when we meander through the rumor mill of what the mid to last batch of flagships yet to be released. Motorola and now OnePlus are up to bat. Granted we love to see what Samsung will do with the next Note device. Out of all the upcoming devices to be released I am most anxious about the next OnePlus flagship phone.

Last year OnePlus took marketing to a whole new level with scheme after scheme. We all felt trolled up until we actually received the coveted invitation to buy the One. Once people got the phone there were complaints about the yellow tint, which lead to a dreadful customer support experience. But let’s not beat that dead horse anymore and talk about what I am wanting from the next flagship made by OnePlus.

For a little while we were wondering if OnePlus was going to simply call the next flagship the Two and it would make sense to do so. Sure enough that is what the device is going to be called. So, the OnePlus Two has huge potential. OnePlus has begun their campaign of giving us puzzle pieces of aspects about the Two. So far we know it will have an upgraded processor and will be the first phone to have USB-C support. Both of which are awesome. Obviously there are many more details to be released in the coming weeks leaving us desperate to know what else this thing will boast.

How do you top the Sandstone back of the OnePlus One? If they keep one feature, the back is one I am totally fine with keeping. But with our Never Settling mentality, I would love see how OnePlus could out do themselves regarding the backplate.

The 5.5″ screen can stay the same physical size, but it definitely needs to be upgraded in resolution and performance. Not saying that it was bad per se’ from what we had last year. However, 1080p screens are so 2014! I am expecting to at least see a 2k screen. Another feature I want to see from the screen is daylight boosting that we experience on the Galaxy S6. The GS6 has been the best phone to use in direct sunlight. If the OnePlus Two’s screen includes a daylight boosting screen it would be icing on the cake.

Needless to say, but will anyways, I hope there are no yellow banding units this time around. The OPO I had only suffered a minor effect and was not a huge deal to me, but I understand some people do not give as much grace as I do regarding the yellow banding on the OPO.

Camera quality is very important to me and the OnePlus One was respectably better compared to some flagship phone cameras. It was noticeably better than the HTC One M8 and Moto X, competed well enough against the Galaxy S5, and gave the iPhone 5s a run for the money. I was a happy camper with the OPO camera. This time around I have the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy S6 to compare to and those two phones are going to be quite hard to match against such stout cameras. Seriously the Galaxy S6 camera is so good! I would love to see the OnePlus Two camera humble the GS6 and iPhone cameras! Here’s hoping kid!

ipad note 3 opo

Another area I would like to see out the OnePlus Two is a solid os. It was a bummer to see the drama between Cyanogen and OnePlus. Oxygen OS is just fine, but I want to see more stability and rapid OTA updates for new versions of Android. Granted the OnePlus Two will more than likely have the ability to unlock the bootloader, root, and install custom roms to make the phone run how you prefer. For those who don’t want to go through the modification processes, it is needed to have a trustworthy os to bank on.

It would rock if the speakers were to be front facing. Once you experience your favorite movie or YouTube video with the sound coming at your face it’s hard to get used to speakers placed elsewhere.

I guess I could mention better battery life, but honestly even if it’s just mediocre I will be just fine with it. After using the Galaxy S6 bad battery life is forgivable as long as the rest of the phone is solid and there is quick charging options. USB-C is going to be fun to have as well and will help with charging needs. Regardless, great battery life will always be sought after.

Lastly, no more drama. Goodness, I’ve never seen company with such marketing tactics. Most of the time it leaves us shaking our heads wondering what the heck are they thinking. But you have to give em props for getting us stirred up enough to talk about what and how they go about their business. Let us have an experience with a wonderful phone without the need to justify using the phone. I’m not a big fan of how they handle things, but the OnePlus One was good enough to look past all the company flaws. What I want is to be able to be proud of the company I bought the phone from.

What I want is another great experience with whatever device OnePlus puts out. The OnePlus One was a great phone to have last year and I expect even better this year. The invite system was interesting to watch and I have no reason to believe it will drive people up the wall again if they indeed decide to use it again. The OnePlus One was so good it had me considering dropping my unlimited data plan with Verizon.

What are you thoughts about the upcoming OnePlus Two and are you planning to get one?


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