Five things I hate about the OnePlus One

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The OnePlus One has been dubbed as the unicorn device in the world of Android. If you’re not familiar with the OnePlus One it is a new phone from a new company that wasn’t even founded for a year at this point in time. OnePlus is the name of the company and the One is the first device. While the phone looks like a member from the same tree of OPPO Find 7/7a, OPO (OnePlus One) is deemed it’s own company. OP has put themselves on the map by means of an invite system to get the One. This invite system has cause quite the uproar because it sold at an amazing price of $299 for a 16GB version and $349 for the 64GB while rocking top of the line specs as we see with most flagships. OP’s marketing motto is the “Flagship Killer.” With all that said, is this One actually a flagship killer? I have had the OPO for about a week now, used it as my daily driver for a few days now and can give you some insight to my thoughts about the OPO at this point. Here are five things I hate about the OnePlus One in no particular order. Five things I love about the OnePlus One is another good read to check out as well. 

1. Limited Carriers

This isn’t really OnePlus’ fault, but it is still something to note. The One is only available through the means of AT&T or T-Mobile. For some, it’s not an issue. However, for myself it poses a crossroads. Is this phone really worth giving up my Verizon unlimited data plan? I realize there TMO offers some great plans, but the issue is coverage. My home location in particular has very limited reception. Therefore, the need to rely on wifi and possibly getting a signal booster. Relying on wifi would be a necessity if I leave Verizon anyway because most plans with other carriers have data caps or throttle at a certain point. Regardless, I would LOVE to have the One on my Verizon plan. But it’s not going to happen unless by some miracle.

I have been using Cricket Wireless with my One, but it is only on a 500mb of high speed data plan, after that point speeds are slowed down. What makes is worse is Cricket only gets up to at best 8mbps download. Quite the opposite my Verizon 4G LTE speeds.

Screenshot (10-58AM, Aug 01, 2014)

2. Limited Cases

This is by far the worst experience trying to find a worthy case of being suited on my One. There is a a plethora of snap-ons, flip covers a a few tpu types of cases. You won’t have a hard time adding those to your cart. BUT try discovering a rugged protective case. Good luck because the most protective case I have found is a Cruzerlite case. While Cruzerlite is pretty much my go-to case for any device I own(ed), it isn’t as tough for situations as when I work outdoors, lawn care, landscaping jobs that I take part of. I need something like an OtterBox or even a slide-on/glider case would work because of the hardness of the material. A rugged case just doesn’t seem to exist at this point. I don’t blame companies for not developing tough cases because there simply isn’t enough demand. Although, if you represent a case company know that you will be the ONLY company who has a rugged case and can rake in all the customers who want a tough case for the One.

3. The Haters, Beggars & Whiners

To be blunt. If not having a phone makes you upset, you have much deeper issues that need worked out. A phone should not piss you off. Yes this phone is great. Yes this phone is affordable. Yes it is hard to come by. But it should not get under your skin. There are much better things to put your energy towards.

The begging is just getting quite annoying. I’m pretty sure that the chances of getting an invite from begging or groveling at someone for an invite. Just an FYI just because someone has a OnePlus One does not mean they have an invite to spare. Just like the invites from OnePlus were rolled out in phases, the same goes for sharable invites. When I bought my One I did not have any invites to spare. It wasn’t until maybe two weeks later that I received three invites to give out. I was happy to share two invites with people I know and one for a giveaway. Personally, to be honest and transparent with you; I would much rather give an invite to someone I know of versus a random forum beggar or even someone from social media sites spamming feeds. Some people go as far to message me on Hangouts. The best way to get an invite is to be active in the forums, collaborate with others and strategize how to get an invite. Begging is just plain annoying. I’m not meaning to come across harsh, but please stop.

Please note that invites have a very limited timeframe to even use the invite. When you get an invite you have only 24 hours to buy. The shareable invited I received I had only 6 days to share and the recipient of those invites only had 3 days to buy. Either way the invites only have a short time to be used. People cannot hoard invites MEANING the chances you asking for an invite and that person actually having an invite is very very slim.


The whiners are just as bad as the beggars. Whining about why OnePlus sucks, how the invite system is a bad idea or anything pertaining to the whole ordeal doesn’t get anything done. If you don’t like it, move on and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. It’s fine not to like something. That’s how we are who we are. But to beat a dead horse to death is such a waste of time and in all reality shows you need an attitude adjustment.

A phone is not the solution to your problems. I’ve heard so many excuses of why someone needs a new OnePlus One. I’ve even had someone straight up ask for my One bypassing an invite. I totally wish I could handout devices like that. But if you think getting a One will solve your craving just head on over to Swappa and find a phone for a cheap price. If you can’t afford a phone, then accept that fact, work for it and proudly purchase a phone when you can afford it. It’s time to be responsible, stop being jealous and let live life without feeling entitled.

4. Yellow Tint

My device unfortunately suffers from a yellow tint. It’s not much. I plan to attempt some the fixes out there such as UV lighting. But it still sucks it’s there. I am also planning to submit a request for replacement. In my opinion this is a defect and honestly unacceptable.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 10.30.30 AM

5. 720p Front Facing Camera Video Capture

opo 720p

It’s beyond me that a 5mp camera can’t take 1080p. Everything else about the phone is pretty much top of the line but for some reason this camera only gets mediocre 720p video capture.

In conclusion, the OnePlus One is a great phone. I have thoroughly enjoyed using this phone, made it my daily driver and makes my Note 3 feel and look ugly. The One was crafted well and has made a mark in the Android community. It’s expected that there is no such thing as a perfect phone or phone company and there will be flaws. I can’t complain too much. But you’ve read the things I hate about the OnePlus One and my experience with it. If you have the privilege of owning a OPO what are some of the things you hate about it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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