What I miss about the Samsung Galaxy S6

Recently I gave up my Galaxy S6 to go back to a Note 4 and there are a few things that I miss about the phone. The GS6 was definitely a great device to own, for a while at least. But there were a number of reasons why I ditched the Galaxy S6 and went back to a Note 4. Even though I like the Note 4 more, there are still features I miss about Samsung’s latest flagship.

Build Quality

In my opinion, the Galaxy S6 has the build quality Samsung users have been screaming for, for such a long time. Other companies like HTC and Motorola have listened to their customers and brought new designs many people love. For example, HTC won customers over with a full metal jacket device on the One. Metal builds aren’t anything new, but is still something people appreciate over plastic. The Note 3 and Galaxy S5 felt very cheap in quality. The plastic would deteriorate on the S5 and the chrome finish on the Note 3 would rub off in a short amount of time. The Galaxy S6 has a metal frame and glass back build. And it’s superb!

The build quality, forgive me for saying this, has the feel/appeal of an iPhone and there is nothing wrong with that. iPhones have always looked and felt premium. The S6 is right up there with the iPhone now. Heck, the frame is practically taken right out of the iPhone’s blueprint.

Don’t get me wrong, the Note 4’s build quality is an improvement from the Note 3, but the Galaxy S6 just nailed it this time.


Stockish Android

TouchWiz has been toned down quite a bit on the Galaxy S6. Granted, it is still ever present, but not nearly as bad as in the past. So much you can now that make the S6 look like stock Lollipop Android without rooting and modifying. All you have to do is install a launcher like Nova Launcher from the Play Store and Material Theme from the Samsung Theme Store. The S6 popups and notifications already look like Lollipop and after installing those themes it really does look like stock Android. I was thrilled when Samer Zayer was able to make the Material Theme!

The reason why this is so exciting for me is because I really like stock Android and I really like the capabilities of a Samsung device. Now it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. This alone makes the Galaxy S6 fantastic. In a sense the S6 is TouchWizless.


Dat Camera…

The camera on the Galaxy S6 is just plain dope! And I never use the term dope to describe anything. But the S6 camera is just that good. Yes, the Note 4 takes awesome shots, but the S6 is in a class of it’s own. For one, it’s so simple to use and auto mode does just fine. There is no need to tweak anything in the settings if you don’t want to. Samsung has made many of the modes optional this time. If you want certain modes head over to their store and download what you want on the camera.

Selfies looks great! The front facing camera is one of the best I have used on any phone. The screen resolution probably has something to do with that, but I promise the front and rear cameras are something to be reckoned with. I don’t think there is a smartphone camera better than the S6.



The screen looks amazing and I could leave it at that, but it’s one factor about the screen I want to highlight is the brightness boost in daylight. The S6 is the only screen I can clearly see in broad daylight.


Fingerprint Sensor

This is something I never thought would be a big deal to me, but I ended up using the fingerprint sensor more than I thought I would. That’s because it worked so well. If you know what the Note 4 and Galaxy S5 sensors are like you know that it was a #fail. After using the GS6’s sensor and switching back to the Note 4 trying to use the fingerprint sensor I was quickly reminded of how bad it was. On average I would have to swipe my finger three times to get it to finally work. The Galaxy S6 worked perfectly like the iPhone 6 every time. Using the fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone was a breeze and faster than any other lock screen method. I loved it. I miss it.

With all that said, I still prefer the Note 4 over the Galaxy S6. At least at the moment. There’s no telling, I might get the urge to go back to the S6 at some point. It truly is a great device and can recommend it to just about anyone (if you forgive the horrible battery life). With the OnePlus Two on the horizon, I might end up forgetting about the Note 4 and Galaxy S6 altogether anyways.


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