OnePlus Two will cost less than $450

OnePlus has been giving us snippets of aspects of the upcoming OnePlus Two each week for the past few weeks. So far we have learned that the Two will have a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 v2.1 processor, fingerprint scanner that is faster than Touch ID, USB Type-C, the unveiling will be done through Cardboard, and now we know a little about how much it will cost.

Earlier this morning OnePlus announced that the price will be under $450. They seemed to want to silence any rumors of it costing more than 500 bucks. Many people can’t get over the fact that with considering how many awesome specs they include in the OP2 that it will be less than standard flagship pricing. Most flagships cost about $550+ and more on the plus side. Motorola has pretty much been the only company who prices their stuff less than the other guys like Samsung and HTC.

Team Bane Tech actually discussed this topic on yesterday’s show and we were split concerning what we think the price will be for the OnePlus Two. Most agreed $500 was a fair price considering that OnePlus wants to be a flagship killer and still have an affordable phone. Most of us also agreed that the OnePlus One still holds up and would recommend the device even against some of the current flagships. The price point is such a favorable aspect of the phone.

It’s honestly no surprise to me because it hold to what we saw from the One last year. Many of couldn’t believe that the One only set us back $349 for as many beefy specs as it packed. I had a feeling it would cost a little bit more, but I am very interested to see what it is going to cost. I can’t wait for the unveiling!


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