Apple Watch My Face

Watch Face Wednesday: Apple Watch My Face setup

Continuing the series of Watch Face Wednesday, today’s face is from the Apple Watch itself. Watch faces on the Apple Watch are definitely a little different than what I am used to with Android Wear. However, I must say the functionality is on point. Keep reading for more details.

The watch face seen in the photo is called “Modular” and while it’s not the best looking, the features are what stand out. For the most part even with Android Wear I liked to just have the info desired displayed on the watch face and not really care much about how it looks. Modular allows all the info I want and some.

Apple Watch My Face

This watch face allows the user to choose tons of options to be displayed. The information that I like to have shown includes…

  • Time
  • Date
  • Battery life
  • Weather

But what’s cool about Modular is I am able to have interactive apps run on the watch face, which allows more options. As shown in the photo, there is also agenda, phone, and message. Normally the battery life is something I like to have showing, but the Apple Watch is really good on battery life, so there is no need to waste the space. Instead, the phone/dialer is what took it’s place.

Apple Watch My Face

The Apple Watch allows the user to take and place calls from the watch. So it makes sense to have that shortcut on the screen. Well, at least to me. This is a feature I’ve not had with other smartwatches.

What’s your style watch face? Whether Android Wear or Apple Watch, let me know in the comments if you like more functions or do you like a more realistic watch look?

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