Vinyl Record Player MP3 Turntable

A vinyl record player MP3 turntable is a pretty nifty product to keep a classic yet modern style for playing and recording vinyl records. 1byone offers a turntable to just that.

Vinyl Record Player Specifications

  • Great Styling – Beautiful wooden appearance, protective dust cover, and convenient front panel with playback controls.
  • Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording – Transform audio from vinyl records into MP3 format files for later playback on your computer and mobile devices.
  • Selectable Speeds – 33 / 45 / 78 RPM speed settings with included 45-RPM adaptor so you can play every vinyl in your collection.
  • Front-facing Stereo Speakers – Full-spectrum sound to properly listen to both your vinyl records and MP3s using a USB key.
  • RCA Output – Easily connect your turntable to your own home sound system.

vinyl record player


  • Record records onto MP3 format. Giving the ability to transfer content to a computer, phone, or music player.
  • Back up vinyls to storage.
  • Be able to listen to vinyl records on the player through it’s stereo front speakers.
  • Be able to connect to RCA for home theater experience.
  • Easy to use.

vinyl record player

Areas For Improvement

  • The front stereo speakers are the best, but still gives a good enough sound.
  • Not a fan of the plastic cover. Seems to cheapen the quality a little bit.

vinyl record player

This vinyl record player is a great addition to the home, especially if you’re into collecting vinyl records. It’s great way to listen to the classics the old fashioned way. Along with some new school content.


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