My most viewed Galaxy S7 Edge video

Out of all the videos I have created, I would never have guessed that my most viewed Galaxy S7 Edge video would be “What’s the best color for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? ” It’s not a bad thing at all, but it goes to show some of the unpredictability of YouTube.

At the time I was able to take advantage of a rare opportunity to make a video with all three available colors of the Galaxy S7 Edge. Silver was the original unit that was pre-ordered, Verizon was kind enough to let me borrow the gold, and I was able to exchange the silver for a black model (due to a defect the silver had). Therefore, I had to make a video about the three colors together. Mind that at the time, in the USA silver, black, and gold were the only colors available.

Personally, I would have loved to have a white model, but from the options from this video I think black is the best color; at least for me. Many people still ask what color to get and basically it boils down to if you want something shiny or not shiny. Get the silver or gold if you like some bling and if you like a subtle approach, go with black.

Regardless of your favorite color for the Galaxy S7 Edge, I am pleasantly surprised of how well this video has done. Think about it…in two months time the video has excelled past ALL my other videos to claim the #1 spot with over 100k views! You guys sure do care about the color!

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