First impressions of the new Moto Z line up

Moto Z Force? Looks interesting. Levono just got done with their big event announcing many devices including the new Moto Z line up and I had to wait a few before collection my thoughts to answer the question if it’s worth trying out. There’s a few new features coming and a bit of exclusivity as well.

Moto Z Availability

First of all, if you’re anxious to get one and you’re not a Verizon user, you’re gonna have to wait on the sidelines this time around. Verizon is getting dibs at the first release time with the Droid editions of the Moto Zs. Personally, that doesn’t bother me much because I am a Verizon subscriber. However, there will be an unlocked version coming out this fall for those who are not Verizon users.

Therefore this came as a shock to many people because the last couple years Motorola has released an unlocked phone for all carriers upfront. This time Verizon users will get first taste at the Moto Zs and let the rest of the world of what’s coming later this fall. What I am wondering is if they are planning to release the same phone (dropping the Droid label) in the fall or something different? Along with if people will already move on from the Moto Zs. By that time are people even going to be interested anymore about the Moto Zs? Time will tell.

Moto Mods

LG gave the first attempt at modular designs and for some people it’s a cool factor and others thought that the features should just be built in; and I tend to agree with the latter. As far as Moto Mods though, there seems to be some useful mods. For example, the speaker and battery pack. While I want good sound to already come from the phone, there are times where I connect my phones to a bluetooth speaker. The attachable speakers will basically have a two-in-one effect.

The same goes for the battery pack in regards of the two-in-one effect. Being there’s not removable batteries to swap out a battery when it’s dead, you have to connect to some sort of charger. Many times I end up using a power bank to get juiced up again. Now with the battery pack Moto Mods offer I don’t have to worry about a wire hanging around. The Moto Zs have a larger size internal battery already, but it would be nice to have something like the attachable battery pack.

Other mods include the projector, which I don’t see much use out of, but I would definitely like to have it around if I want to show off a video or photo collection. It would be easier to share on a larger screen, so this could prove useful after all. The other mod isn’t really something new to us, but they reinforce the swappable backs giving you more custom designs.

Overall, I think I would use more Moto Mods versus LG’s mods. What would you use more?

Moto Z

Specs Wise

Specs… I am both happy and let down a little.

Screens – I have enjoyed the large screen sizes Moto has provided; the 5.7″ to be specific. Now 5.5″ isn’t considered small, but I like big phones. Currently, I am using the Galaxy S7 Edge as my main phone, but I use my Nexus 6P often as well. When I pick up the 6P I literally smile at times because I enjoy the screen size. The Moto Zs both will have 5.5″ displays. This isn’t a deal breaker, but I would prefer the 5.7″ size.

Battery – Moto Z is claiming to get 40 hours of battery life. As Barney would say, “challenge accepted!” Personally, I know how to drain some battery life with how I use a phone, so I am looking forward to putting this to the test. I hope I am impressed! 3,500mAh battery is a good size battery.

Camera – Moto has gotten better the last year or so in the camera department. The Moto X Pure Edition wasn’t a bad camera at all. It wasn’t a deal-breaker per se’. However, my gripe is more with the camera app. I want features and any Google camera app has left me with the need to download more camera apps to get the features I want. For example, Google Camera app isn’t easy to get a slo-mo video going, there’s no time lapse option, and focus while shooting videos aren’t that great. That said, I hope they modify the camera app to include more feature.

From what it looks like from the specs sheet, there will not be a time lapse option. Therefore, my best guess is a very basic camera app, which is a let down for me.

The Moto Z Force will boast a 21mp rear facing camera and a 5mp camera on the front. I was REALLY hoping to see OIS make it to the front camera, but it looks like the HTC 10 will still be king over that. But at least the rear facing will have OIS.

Other notable elements to mention is there is zero shutter lag, wide angle front lens, and Google Photos integration with free original file size backup for two years.

Moto Z

Charging – Correct me if I am wrong, but I am not seeing wireless charing support. That’s not a deal-breaker for me, but I know some people throw a hissy fit if there’s no wireless charging. To me, fast/quick charging is what matters more and the Moto Zs still carries the torch for including fast charging, not to mention USB Type-C.

Other Interesting Factors

If you noticed, there is no 3.5mm headphones port. Apple is rumored to ditch the jack as well and Levono might have beat em to the punch. At first, I was not liking this at all, but what helped my opinion be at ease is that they are including an adapter for the USB Type-C port. In other words, if you plan to use a headphone jack, you’re gonna have to use the adapter every time. Sounds like it’s time to use more bluetooth products?

The Shatterproof screen is a nice feature because it gives a sense of security about if an accident happens, there’s a better chance of not breaking the phone. There’s also a water resistant coating on the phone. Both of these features are welcomed.

There’s also a front-ported loud speaker. I REALLY appreciate front facing speakers and the Moto X PE and Nexus 6 both gave wonderful speaker experiences, so I hope the sound quality doesn’t go away with these new phones. HTC dropped the ball with their choice to drop their signature feature of great front facing speakers. But I guess if you’re not happy with the speaker quality, you can snap on the JBL Speaker Mod.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am interested in trying the Moto Z Force out. I am glad to get a chance to use it first as a Verizon subscriber. I’m wondering what the experience will be like and is it enough to pull me away from the Galaxy S7 Edge?

What’s your thoughts?

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