Verizon is the best network in the Southeast United States

In a recent study, J.D. Power ranks Verizon as the best network in the Southeast United States for the 15th consecutive time. That goes to show that Verizon’s investments in improving the network is paying off. We’ve seen the commercials  with Verizon’s rolling balls analogy and the other networks putting their own spin on the ad, but when it comes down to it Verizon is the best overall network to be part of. The numbers are proving it.

Now, other networks might suggest that their network is faster than Verizon and that might be true, the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how fast the network is if it’s not available or not reliable. Personally, I have tested T-Mobile and AT&T in my area and they don’t match up with the coverage and reliability Verizon provides. That reason alone makes up for much of the reason I have stuck with Big Red.

Traveling in the Southeast U.S. Verizon has been the most reliable. As a matter of fact, I was reminded of the old “Can you hear me now?” campaign as I was in camping in the Talladega National Forrest and Verizon was the only network working. I was camping with my friend who uses AT&T, which had no signal at all. I had two Verizon phones with me, an iPhone 6 Plus and Nexus 6P. The Nexus 6P couldn’t pick up much signal, but the iPhone had 3G signal most of the time that allowed me to use GPS, voice, and text. Verizon helped me keep connected to my family just in case an emergency came up. I wasn’t worried about internet because I was wanting to “unplug” for a couple days as a getaway. Not too mention in some hills LTE was coming through. performance-by-state

Furthermore, there have been jobs my wife and I have been part of that required some travel to country areas and again Verizon was the only network that kept working all over the place. This gives me peace of mind knowing that when my wife is traveling and in case of an emergency she can make communication with services or family.

I could give you more of my experiences with Verizon, but the list could go on and on. Fortunately with studies like this more users are queried and give more evidence of who the best cellular providers are. As far as the Southeast United States, Verizon is #1.

Who’s #1 in your area as far as network reliability and coverage goes?

Source | Press Release

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