Top 5 wallpaper apps: Early 2016

If you guys are always looking for new wallpapers to rock on your Android devices, then you have come to the right place. Today I will be showing you my top 5 favorite wallpapers for Android.


1. Backdrops
I made a post about this app previously, taking about the features that are included. If this was ever only one wallpaper app on my phone then this would be it. You are able to favorite and save wallpapers, it has a beautiful material design interface, there is a premium section for pay customers, wallpaper of the day and also it has Muzei support too! they are all high quality images, and you won’t come across any low res images.



2. Retrome
This is a brand new wallpaper app fro the developers that brought you the evolve wallpaper app. It only has over 100 wallpapers but don’t worry they are updated regularly. If i could describe this app in one word it would be Flat I love the flat, minimalistic designs of the wallpapers. The app boast 3K resolution on all its wallpapers it provides, it also has Muzei support and you can choose from 8 different categories.


3. Facets
Although it has been 3 years since Justin Maller started his project of producing 1 new image every day. I have been using this even since it came out, I have to say I do find myself coming back to this app a lot due to the unique designs of the wallpapers. The app is buttery smooth and it showcases each wallpaper perfectly. you can also pick u his 2015 release for a couple ????’s more.


4. Pixels
The app comes with a buttery smooth interface, it has over 20 different categories to chose from, simple and easy to use. Each of the wallpapers are licensed under CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer. There are thousands and thousands of wallpapers to check out but they are updated daily, so you’ll never run out of wallpapers. This app is great because it boast quantity and quality.


5. Walloid Pro
This is the most expensive one on the list coming in a $2.00, but I think that it is well worth it. They provide HD and QHD wallpapers from different OEM stock ROMs to custom ROMs as well. This means that whenever a new phone comes out, they release new stock wallpapers which come pre-installed on the phone. With Walloid you can get easy access to them almost when they first come out Which is Pretty Cool! They have already been updated with the GalaxyS7 and LG G5 wallpapers. This wallpaper app is fully loaded, it has 6000 thousand different wallpapers from 30 different OEMs and ROMS, that’s wallpapers from over 250 devices which is insane.

If you have any other wallpapers apps to recommend please leave it in the comments below ⬇️⬇️


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