URBAN ARMOR GEAR Case for Motorola Nexus 6

URBAN ARMOR GEAR Case for Motorola Nexus 6 is now released and oh man! This case is nice! Believe it or not this is the first time I have owned an UAG case…I know, crazy. Regardless there is a first time for everything and this case has left a great impression and I can go ahead and stamp it as Bane Tech approved!

Now that I have my excitement out of the way, let’s talk about why I feel the way I do about this case.

I’ve been anxious to get my Nexus 6 suited up in a rugged protective case. I have had a Cruzerlite case wrapped on the Nexus since the day I got the Nexus, but I have wanted more protection because I work outdoors and I would just feel more comfortable having something like the UAG case installed.


The URBAN ARMOR GEAR for the Motorola Nexus 6 offers great protection that lives up to military standard drop tests, shock absorbent, and covers each edge. The case is raised above the screen meaning you can place the phone faced down and it not contact a flat smooth surface. The buttons are covered and work flawlessly, which is a HUGE deal to me because I hate any resistance in a button press. The edges are made of a tpu plastic material and the back is a hardshell plastic making the case protect pretty much every part of the phone. They even include a screen protector making the phone completely protected. To top things off each corner has a little extra cushion to fight against those nasty drops.


Along with the case being protective, the case looks sweet! As of the writing of this post there is only one color to choose from, which is the Clear color. There are clear and frosted areas as part of the design. The bumper area is black. In the middle back is the UAG logo and you can see the Nexus 6 and Moto logos through the case.

The only complaint I have about the design is I think the UAG logo needs to be place elsewhere to let the Nexus 6 and Moto symbols shine through. Other than that (which it’s not a deal breaker by any means) there is nothing to complain about. If there is something that I discover down the road I will update this post.


This is just one well made case and I now know why so many people like UAG. There is no doubt this will be my daily driver case for my Nexus 6 especially in the conditions I work in.

What’s your thoughts on the case? Have you owned an UAG case and for what device?

Enjoy the gallery below 🙂

Product Link (Available Dec. 5, 2014)

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