Top LG G3 protective cases to consider

Over the last few years I have had my hands on quite a number of device cases. Some have been good and some have been bad (obviously). Point is, is that I am asked to give case recommendations for such and such phones/devices. Recently, a someone asked me on Twitter if I knew of any good cases for the LG G3. Here is a list of top cases for the LG G3!

@BaneTech hey heath told me to ask you which case would be good for an LG g3…I want something good but not black and boring lol.

— Chrissy Quattlebaum (@chrissyq89) December 5, 2014

This list is in to particular order, but are cases to consider for specifically the LG G3. Although these items are available for other devices.

1. Toast Wood Skins

This is an option some people might overlook. Normally I am not much of a skins guy for my devices, but Toast is something unique and shockingly impressive to me. Whenever I get a skin to review, I take it off as soon as I am done with the review. While they look nice, they don’t provide the protection I need (I work in lawn care/landscaping) for work days. However, when I had the Toast skin on my Note 3 I rocked it out for a while. I really liked it.

Product Link

2. Seidio Cases

I am a huge fan of Seidio products. They are by far one of my go-to case companies I refer people to all the time. There are  few options from Seidio and honestly you can’t go wrong with any of them. There is the Surface case that is a glide on style that is sturdy and tough, but doesn’t add much bulk. The rediesigned DILEX case is an awesome two layered case that offers great protection and still doesn’t add much bulk either.

Product Link (mind that there are different color options once clicking on a listing)

3. Verus Cases

Verus is a new case company that has quickly become one of my top favorites! I love their designs. They are protective and stylish. This is yet another you can’t go wrong with. Personally, I like the Thor case the most, but the Iron Shield is just as slick as the Thor. Both are outstanding cases. Verus looks a lot like Spigen cases (which are great ones too), but are cheaper. So get the Verus…it’s a no brainer.

Product Link

4. Cruzerlite

Cruzerlite cases are another default case company I revert to all the time. Their designs are a perfect fit for Android fans. The price is just right to add some Andy swag to your G3.

Product Link

There ya go! These are some great cases to consider for practically any phone, but catered to the LG G3 for this post. If you would like some recommendations for another device let me know in the comments. Do you have any case favorites or what about some one’s to stay away from?


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