TYLT RUGGD Protective Case for Galaxy S4

TYLT has a unique style that really stands out to me. Their RUGGD case for the Galaxy S4 is made to absorb shocks from drops. It is engineered with premium vulcanized copolymer (sounds Trekkie, doesn’t it?), its actually some of the same material used in spacecrafts and jets. The corners are triple protected and designed to center upon impact. This is protective and stylish at the same time! Good stuff!


If you inspect the construction of the case you will notice on the inside of the case the visible layer has a bubble like texture, which helps with shock absorption. The inside edge also has shock absorption with lines throughout case. The buttons are covered up and do not interfere with the functionality of pressing the buttons.


The cutouts are really made well. They are recessed enough that nothing should ever come in contact with the camera, ports or speakers. The case is actually relatively thin for a rugged case. The surface is smooth and the corners are rounded making the case pocketable. The case is raised above the screen so your screen will be protected if placed on a flat surface.

This case really stands out to me. It is unique, stylish and protective. I’m a fan!

Like the case? Get it HERE

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