elago Aluminum Magnetic Holder for business cards and photos

Elago’s Aluminum Magnetic Holder is made with a combination of aluminum and magnetism, which gives the holder a modern look for your desk or table. The stand is made to hold business cards, but can be used for other purposes such as a photograph holder.


Very simple installation process. All you have to do is separate the two pieces and place the desired material to be held in-between the top and bottom and it will snap in place. I tested the strength with 10 business cards and it was a solid fit. I think more cards could potentially go in the stand. The card material I used was your basic cardboard business card paper.


There are other uses you could use this holder for, such as a photograph holder, reminder notes or other paper products for your desk. This holder as simple as it is, it actually does indeed look professional and modern.


Elago provides a full line of accessories you can match together. For example, you desk could look complete with a stylus, mouse pad and iPad stand with this holder to make your work area neat, organized and sophisticated.

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