TYLT FLYP-DUO reversible usb charge & sync cable

The FLYP-DUO reversible usb charge & sync cable is TYLT’s new cable to their awesome collection of mobile device accessories. TYLT offers such a cool selection of cables, cases, and batteries for many devices. They have always been a personal favorite of mine. They are one of the very few companies that create products and do not take the easy way out; as many companies sell from the same warehouse and slap their brand sticker on the product calling it theirs. I trust and use TYLT products on a regular basis. As a matter of fact their cables have been the top used product in my household.

The DUO has been my wife’s go-to cable for her iPhone. It has been the most consistent and reliable cable for her iPhone. I can’t tell you how many braided iPhone cables have crapped out after about a month’s usage. However, the TYLT cables have kept working without any issues. FYI the DUO and FLIP DUO work with both iDevices and Android (well anything that takes a micro-usb connection).


The beauty of the DUO is the ability to use the cable not only with iDevices, but with micro-usb connections as well. The build quality is top notch with a thick coating of rubber material giving it durable characteristics.

Moving on to the next generation DUO cable, the FLIP DUO takes on the new trend of being able to plug cables in, in any direction similar to how USB Type C works or Lightning Connector. This time around though the reversibility work on the main USB connection (the part the connects to a wall charger, USB port, or computer).


The FLIP DUO is the first of it’s kind to my knowledge or at least in my experience. I love the fact of not having to worry about what side fits in the USB port. Being able to just plug it in and go, makes life that much simpler.

With the FLIP DUO you can take advantage of all the features the DUO has and couple it with reversible USB connection.

I’ve had the FLIP DUO for a couple weeks now and their hasn’t been an issue at all. The cable works great with all the ways I connect and charge my devices such as quick chargers, portable batteries, USB hubs, and computers. While the DUO will still be used on a regular basis, the FLIP DUO is now my favorite cable to use with my devices.

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