Ptatoms USB 2.0 Silm Metallic Mini Flash Drive (32GB)

Extra storage is making a hard comeback this because many devices are going the route of not having sd card support. That’s where little flash drives come in handy like the Ptatoms USB 2.0 Slim Metallic Flash Drive comes into play. This is a small USB flash drive that you can attach to a key ring and always have files, photos, and more with you at all times. I’ve got the Note 5 coming to me this week and it is the 32GB model. Rather than loading down the phone, there is a way to carry files around apart from my phone.

There have been many times where I needed to transfer files or share something with someone and a flash drive would have been convenient to own. Most of the time my remedy for such situation was to use my phone and it got the job done, but a flash drive sometimes is so much easier to use. However, I don’t like a lot of keys or attachments on my key chains because I put them in my pocket and I prefer not to add a bulky flash drive. I’m also not going to carry a typical flash drive around in my pockets just for the once in a while situation that I might need to use one. Granted I have a bag or desk that has these drives to use, but I am concerned more with the on the go experience.


Another awesome fact about this flash drive is it is OTG compatible. Meaning that you can connect an OTG cable to a phone and this flash drive and transfer files. Very handy! For us ROM flashaholics those who like to back up files; this is a great option to consider.

Since I have owned the Ptatoms flash drive I have actually used it more than my go-to flash drive or my phone. It’s been a great little accessory to have around at all times. Just the other day I needed to move some video files from my PC to a MacBook and the flash drive worked wonderfully. There were also times where I used it at work on my Surface Pro 3 that has an Anker USB 3.0 hub connected and worked just fine.



I really like having this flash drive on my key chain! It’s slim and I barely notice it is on my key chain. It’s remarkable that it is so small.

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