Treasure Hunt

First Treasure Hunt With CCi

Here is my list of clues and the treasures my group found.-Arthritis in the right hand wrist

-Black brace


-migraine headaches

-doorway entrance


-right shoulder

-left foot heel

Linda had a broken pinky toe left foot (clues: left foot heel).

Gale Linda’s sister diabetes foot to be cut off.

Clint had air force injury on pain since 1990. Head injury. Said he felt a lot better. Said it felt better here, pointing at his heart. His wife thought it was so cool! He had tears welling up. (Clues: Clint, migraine headaches).

The only clues that did not come up was the arthritis and wrist brace.

Sara was ministered to at the door way entrance at Winn Dixie on the southside of town.

The Treasures had an encounter with the Holy Spirit. It was great!

-April 5, 2011

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