Top back to school apps for iOS and Android

It’s that time of the year again, summer is coming to an end and school is starting back up again. I know some of you guys might have already started school, and some will be starting very soon.  I wanted to show some apps which will help you keep focused, organised and productive.
1.Google Drive
Edit, file, save, share
Price: free
Available on Android & iOS

Google Drive is a fast and easy way to store your documents, notes, files, videos and photos all in one place. I personally use Google Drive as it works seamlessly with my Android devices and laptop. Its totally free and it’s in the cloud so you don’t need to worry about storage space on your devices. You can easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files or folders. This makes it easy for collaborations on projects with people around the world.

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2. CamScanner
mobile scanning and sharing app
Price: free & Paid version
Available on Android & iOS

Cam Scanner makes it even more easier and simple to send a documents to others. It uses smart-enhancing to make document pictures more readable. CamScanner can also turn scans into PDF files so that you can send them to colleagues straight from your phone. The CamScanner app makes it easy to share scans and PDFs straight from your phone.

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3. Google Calender
Get organised, save time and make the most of everyday
Price: free
Available on Android & iOS

I use Google Calendar on a daily basis as it is the stock calendar app on my phone. I have tried other apps but the Google Calendar apps is beautiful to look at with its Material Design makeover and it’s very simple to use. Also with a recent update, events are automatically created by using your email. If it finds an event like a place to meet, flight details, hotel reservations it automatically adds it to your calendar just in case you forget. You can add your classes as it has the usual day, week, month and schedule view.

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4. School Assistant
School Assistant is your personal school aide, keep your routine organized with it.
Price: free
Available on Android

School Assistant is an all-in-one app which organizes your classes, homework, exams and project deadlines. It looks good too with Google’s Material Design Language. When you are all setup, you are first greeted with your deadline and important dates at the top in a nice horizontal format. Underneath is your agenda for today with all your classes. This app has a lot of features which isn’t always a bad thing, as the feature they provide are very beneficial. For example once you entered all your classes you can sync with google calendar app, so that if you do not have you mobile device then you can use the web version of Google calendar on your laptop or on the school computer. I noticed that you could change the color of the app and the accent colors which is cool, because not everyone will like the blue and yellow combo. There is a whole load of customization with this app and it’s pretty cool. You can add a password just in case you don’t want people to delete classes, you can add your school’s website for ease of access, choose your grade system and it will help you calculate your grade per project and test which you add in.
There’s lots to play around with, sadly this app isn’t available for iOS but I have found an equivalent which is also called School Assistant.



5. School Assistant
School Assistant is your personal school aide, keep your routine organized with it.
Price: $1.99
Available on iOS

This School Assistant for iOS is similar to the Android version as it has different sections like the full calendar, ‘Important’ tab for deadlines and exam dates, it has a notebook and average mark tab as well. The only big difference between these apps is that the Android version is more customization in terms of color and more settings.

Nexus 6_18D9E107EAB3_
6. Quizlet
Study anything for free
Price: free
Available on Android & iOS

Quizlet is a revolutionary app which lets teachers provide material online for their students and other students around the world. Quizlet allows you to study on the go, play games while studying, create your own flashcards (or search from millions created by others around the world), improves your study habits and also you can study with images and audio to suit all learning styles. When you create your own flashcards or use someone else’s, it improves your learning as it gives you a time in seconds of how fast you answered the questions and from my personal experience with this app it makes you want to keep trying to get a faster score especially if you have competitive friends like me!

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I hope these apps work for you, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below or hit me up on social media 😀


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