Top 5 tech savvy gifts, accessories, and more for under $100 last minute shoppers of tech (Holidays Edition 2014)

Moving past discounted price tags and deals for the holidays like black Friday and Cyber Monday we all look forward too. Most of these sales may be restricted do to quantity, time restraints, and money concerns you may have on the consumer side. Some people may have missed these opportunities for other various reasons, but my focus will be on the Top 5 tech savvy gifts, accessories, and more for under $100 last minute shoppers of Tech 2014. I hope this list/guide helps you all to make a quick and last minute tech savvy purchase to satisfy your loved ones. Keep in mind Last Minute, so time is of the essence.

Side note: The internet is a great tool to utilize and the go to store like Best Buy/Walmart will help you as well, so with that said my focal point will be Internet related and your go to store giving you the edge in your last minute decision efforts.


1. Google Play/iTunes gift cards : links for purchase, Google play gift cards, and iTunes gift cards

A simple and easy gesture leaving the recipient a option on what tech related stuff they need for each dedicated mobile operating system. Price as low as $10 up to $50 Music, movies, and apps can be had with just a click from there device after adding the credits. This is a fun/easy way to show how much you care. You can hit up your local Best Buy or Walmart plus the internet to get both for all that matters in your life.

Galaxy S5 Case Slim Armor

2. Spigen: links for purchase, Spigen, Amazon

Accessories and smartphone case manufacturers have you covered, but my always go to case hands down is Spigen. This team always provide new cases well before all other case manufacturers. Simple protection, heavy duty, and recreational use. A low price tag at $24.99 for the Spigen Case Slim Armor plus adding Priority Mail 2-Day delivery at $8.45 you will have it in times for the holidays.

Google Chromecast

3. Google Chromecast: links for purchase, Google play and Amazon

Next the low priced $35 HDMI USB powered dongle called the Google Chromecast, this small media consumption companion device is a smart TV like Techie Stocking Stuffer for you to consider. After ordering it you will receive a complimentary $20 in movies on Google play. Shipments will leave the warehouse in 1-2 business days so Monday/22/2014 is the last time to make this purchase for it to arrive in time for the holidays.

Case logic

4. Case Logic 15.6-Inch Laptop Backpack: links for purchase, Case Logic and Amazon

Never travel light when Laptop Backpack manufactures like Case Logic have you covered (literally). Priced at $69.99 then add the $12.99 2nd day air delivery it will arrive in 2-3 business days. Keep your mobile tech mobile providing a safely well thought out transport backpack command center on your back. Mobility and protection is all ways key.

Nexus player

5. Nexus Player: links for purchase, Google play and Amazon

A step back into the smart TV media consumption but as a standalone media device called the Nexus Player. One great all in one online TV/gaming experience wrapped up into a small package. Pricing at $99.00 and Shipments will leave the warehouse in 1-2 business days so Monday/22/2014 is the last time for you to make this purchase for it to arrive in time for the holidays.

Wrapping this up: Yes last minute shopping decisions for the holidays can be a pain but with help from the internet, go to retail stores, and lists/guides like this life in this digital age can now be calm. For you Amazon Prime members you get free 2 day shipping and discounted 1 day shipping! Click HERE to shop Amazon!

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