Top 5 Apps Every Christian Should Use

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Smartphones and tablets have become a highly used item for the Christian life. There are THOUSANDS of apps available in either the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. Some are useful, some not so much and others help us simply pass time. The smartphone can be a very useful tool for the anyone. Many businesses use them for all sorts of tasks and management tools. But what about for Christians? Can smartphone be used for the Christian life? ABSOLUTELY!

Here are my top 5 apps I believe every Christian needs installed on your device.

1. YouVersion Bible App

This one is about a no brainer. The Bible is one of the most important things we as Christian can have in our lives and now the entire Bible in multiple languages and versions are available on demand. Not only do you get the Bible, but there are reading plans, devotions and an online community of people diving into the Word with you. Many more features to check out.

You can download the YouVersion Bible App in the App Store, Play Store, Blackberry, Amazon or Windows.

2. Podcasting Apps

Podcasts if you do not know, is like a radio show that is recorded and made available to subscribe. All for free. This is one of the best ways to stay informed, fueled and ministered to on the go. For example, when I was part of a lawn care business I listed to podcasts and music all day while sitting on the mower or weed eating the biggest apartment complexes in the Southeast. Needless to say I had plenty of hours available to listen to some amazing pastors and worship leaders. Even if you don’t have that amount of time to listen to podcasts, the commute to work or while working on chores are great opportunities to hear an encouraging message.

For an iOS device this is easy. Simply use Apple’s Podcast App and subscribe to your favorite channel/feed. Android however, I would recommend Stitcher Radio or sync your podcasts with Google Music from iTunes.

3. Notes App

Using your Notes app is a great way to record any sermons and messages you hear. Every Sunday I take sermon notes, save it to a cloud service and edit the notes to be made to post to a blog. The sermon can really help someone else out that was not able to attend the service you were part of. It also makes for a great way for people to interact and reflect on the message.

The cloud service I like to use if using an iOS device is simply the Notes app pre-installed. The notes are saved in iCloud and syncs to my MacBook. This makes is very easy to make adjustments for a blog post (like add any links or credits). If using an Android device there are options like Google Keep or Drive, then other apps like Evernote. There are desktop apps available to download or you can simply use the website to locate notes.


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4. Social Networking App

Social media like Facebook, Twitter or other social networking apps get a bad rep, but these are great ways to stay encouraged. But this is where we want to use social networks for the Christian advantage.

Tons of ministries, ministers, missionaries, pastors, bands and other Christian influential leaders have accounts on almost all the social networks. Follow them on the social networks and be encouraged throughout your day. My favorite app to use for this purpose is Facebook. A close second is Instagram.

Your favorite Christian leaders are cool to follow but YOU can be influential as well. The way you carry yourself in real life is important, but the image you portray yourself online is just as important. You represent Christ, your family and your church. Lets change online culture and be the difference!

5. Relevant Magazine iPad App

This app is partial to only the iPad. Sorry Android peeps. But this app is AMAZING! For years I have followed Relevant Magazine via the printed magazine and their podcast. Now they have a multimedia, high definition experience to the magazine. All the printed material is made available but in such an awesome presentation. Video, audio and other interactive items make the digital magazine one of the best Christian media experiences you can have.

There are tons more apps that can be used for the Christian advantage, these are some to get started with and are ones I use on a regular basis. What apps to you use for the Christian advantage?


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