The mistake Android companies keep making

The mistake Android companies keep making is what many bloggers and YouTubers are saying right now or what is a perfect smartphone. It is probably one of my favorite discussions to have relating to mobile devices because it involves many elements to consider. Of all the discussions I have had about the perfect phone or anything related to the topic, there is one thing that Android keeps failing to do.

Recently, Droid Life published an article It’s 2015, Why Do All Android Phones Still Include a “But” and it sums up a discussion a few friends and I have had. I’ve had to include the word but when I have talked about what phone I would recommend to someone. There are so many great phones out there, but…there is always that one (sometimes more) flaw(s) that become a turn off, and thus keeping the thirst alive to find the perfect phone that fits my life. 

Earlier today MKBHD even chimed in the talk of the week On the “Perfect Smartphone”. He lays out some examples that backup exactly what Kellen wrote over at Droid Life. So it’s obvisouly a hot topic right now.

During yesterday’s #BaneTechLive show we actually touched on this subject as well while we were talking about the new Android Marshmallow software version coming out soon. The talk lead to our question of the week of how we have to keep including the word but just like how Kellen described, and furthermore asking ourselves what Android needs to do to fix this problem. As much as I hate to admit this, this is where Apple has done such a great job.


David posted earlier today One reason why iOS is better than Android and left us with a question…

When will Android manufacturers rise to the challenge and make the perfect combination of software and hardware?

That question alone hit the nail on the head. While we can talk about what a perfect phone should be, we have to ask what mistake Android companies keeps making. And that is they have not created an even hardware/software combination. As much as I hate to admit it, Apple has actually done a great job in this department.

Let’s get this out of the way. When I talk about the perfect smartphone I am not talking about preferences. Preferences meaning screen size or other aspects like home buttons versus on-screen buttons. I am speaking of how hardware and software working well together. For example, a phone that has good battery life, good camera, good screen (in terms of quality), and does not lag. Using the iPhone’s camera is a perfect example because for the longest time they used an 8MP camera for many models of the iPhone and dominated the competition in the camera department despite other manufactures who have MUCH higher megapixels. The iPhone’s camera software is simply spot on. Anytime Apple amps up the megapixels is just icing on the cake.


Is the iPhone the perfect phone for 2015? Quite possibly yes in terms of how I have defined what the perfect phone is. Here’s that word again though, but I will probably not use an iPhone as my daily driver phone anytime in the near future. I simply prefer Android over iPhone. The software Android and manufactures are placing in their OS versions have become very useful and practical for how I use a phone. But I have to sacrifice something in order to use a phone how I like to use a phone. Push comes to shove, Google apps obviously work a lot better using Android compared to using an iPhone. Ironically, Google apps used to work better on an iPhone.

The thirst is strong within me to find a perfect phone for each respective year. To be honest, the year 2015 has been a huge let down. It’s sad when the most impressive phone out there right now as far as an overall package and value goes to the Moto G. Many reviewers and users have raved over how much they like the Moto G and that’s surprising when we see phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a great body redesign. The LG G4 was a big bummer for me as well because I liked the G3 a lot. For some odd reason it seems like the 2014 phones run better than the 2015. This year has proven the point that Android manufactures have dropped the ball on creating a great software/hardware combo. Our hopes now lay with the Moto X Pure Edition, which by the way has a high chance to actually be the perfect phone for 2015.


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