10 iOS battery saving tips

We all know iPhones are notorious for having bad battery life, well here are 12 tips to help you save battery life on your iPhone.


1.  Auto brightness
Similar to Android phones OEM’s have built in auto brightness settings which use the ambient sensor to determine the ‘perfect’ screen brightness. Though it is a handy feature it normally sets your brightness higher than you actually needs and therefore results in draining the battery. To change this; go to settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and then toggle off Auto-Brightness.


2.  Auto-locking
Auto-locking your iPhone can be very handy as the screen turns off automatically, so that it is not always wasting battery. Having the auto-lock feature higher than 5 minutes can still waste battery. To change your auto-lock time go to settings > General > scroll to the bottom > select auto-lock and change it to 5 minutes or less (the lower the better).


3.  Airplane Mode
Even though it’s called airplane mode, you can still use this feature on the ground. What airplane mode does is that it turns off Wi-Fi and cellular data so that there are no interference with the plane signals. It also helps to extend our battery life because it can’t sync accounts and get push notifications as the phone isn’t connected to the internet. This means that if your not going to be using your phone for long a long period of time, then turning on airplane mode will help save battery. It’s also a good way to get work done, as your phone will not be receiving notifications so you won’t be distracted.


4.  Receiving every email ever
We communicate with people everyday and email is still a popular way to reach people, businesses, schools, companies use them all the time. Most people have at least one personal email themselves. Now that most things require a sign-up/subscription, emails are a key way of quickly gains access to goods and services. Receiving every email as it is sent can be annoying (especially promos and junk mail). Checking your phone every time you have an email, and deleting it after finding out is isn’t important can be time consuming, distracting and can waste battery by refreshing every 5 minutes. To change this go to settings > mail, contacts, calendar > under ‘FETCH’ select manually, this means that you won’t be distracted with email notifications and you’ll be able to check your emails by manually refreshing when you have time.

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5.  Airdrop
Airdrop is a feature which requires Bluetooth so that users can send photos to near by iPhones who also have airdrop on, you can also send other files across using this feature. It drains battery fast as it uses Bluetooth to keep searching for nearby devices. The best way to save battery and to keep using this feature is to only turn it on when you want to use the feature and to turn it off when it isn’t in use. to do this slide up from the bottom screen of your iPhone to activate control panel and select the airdrop icon.


6.  Wallpaper
When iOS 7 was released they introduced a small feature which enables the iPhones homescreen to have a 3D effect as it made icons ‘pop’, therefore gives the affect that the wallpaper was moving. This is called ‘perspective zoom’ or a ‘paralax effect’ similar to live wallpapers on Android. This is also affects battery life as it uses the phones gyroscope and accelerometers to make this affect. To turn these off go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > select the lock screen and/or the homescreen wallpaper and in the bottom right hand corner select the ‘Perspective Zoom’ to toggle it off.


7.  WiFi
When your away from home or in the office and you don’t need to use WiFi, another tip would be to turn off your WiFi so that it isn’t constantly searching for WiFi networks around the area. This is similar to Android phones as they also have a setting which enables constant searching. To turn this off swipe up from the bottom of the screen to gain access to control panel > then select the WiFi symbol to turn it off. This can be turned on or off through control panel in any app.


8.  Location services
Location services, have become more demanding over the years, as more and more apps require it so that the user can enable more features. For example Snapchat requires location services so that you can unlock different ‘location based’ filters on you pictures and videos. Even though this is a nice feature, when you enable location services it will use WiFi, GPS and data which can impact battery life, to help find your location so that you can use the different filters. To turn this off go to Settings > Privacy > Location services.


9.  Background App refresh
In iOS 8 you can see which apps require syncing in the background so that you always have the latest, to view this go to  Settings > General > Usage> Battery usage. Here you can toggle on and off which apps you want to run in the background and while your phone is idle so that you can conserve battery life.


10.  iOS 9 low battery mode
When iOS 9 is released later this year, Apple has created a new system-wide ‘Low power mode’ so that it will help extend your battery life. Also they say that your phone should last around an hour longer thanks to their power saving tweaks throughout the UI (user interface). Once your phone gets to around 20% battery a warning comes up as normal saying your ‘low battery,’ but however in iOS 9 you will have an option to switch on low power mode which turns your phone into a ‘power saving freak’. This means that it will lower CPU usage, turn down brightness, limits performance, and reduces vibration and location services. Also app which require syncing may not sync unless the app is open to help conserve battery life. Apple claim it will increase battery life up to 3 hours, which should be very helpful to iOS users.

If you have any other great tips to help save battery life, be sure to pay a visit in the comments below.


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