Technology isn’t always the culprit for the lack socialization

Technology gets the blame far too often for causing the lack of socializing with people around us. Even last night’s post was about how we miss out on opportunities because we have our eyes fixed on screens too much. But then I saw this meme this morning and it balanced my emotions out a little.

If you have followed my blog for a while now you know that I am guy who likes to figure out ways to use technology for the good. Tech is not always the blame us not interacting with others. One of my followers commented on the Instagram post above about how in London people in the Tube were just as silent because their noses were buried in a newspaper. Now were newspapers given the same treatment as phones and demonized?

However, it is still very important to keep priorities straight and make sure you don’t miss on those precious moments and opportunities that could be missed if we are not aware of what’s going on around us. Something I have learned through the years that usually what is not understood is at times shunned. I’m going to stereotype for a minute, so bare with me, but from what I can tell most of the time flack against technology comes from the older generations. Forgive me if I am way off base, but that is my observation.

In all honesty, talking about the subject of shunning what is not understood can be a whole new post in itself. This has been a problem throughout history. The lesson we can take away from this meme is to step outside of the box and realize what might be problem is your perspective and what filter you are looking through when interpreting an issue.

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