‘Look Up’ Spoken Word Video Everyone in this “Connected” Generation Needs to Watch

As I was finishing up my schoolwork for the night and browsing through my Facebook feed to see if there was anything of interest I noticed that my uncle posted a video with a headline of

This Is A Video EVERYONE Needs To See. For The First Time In My Life, I’m Speechless.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.54.39 PM

Well, it caught my attention and I am glad it did. Watch for yourself and let me know what you think afterwards.

This video hit home in many areas. I am techie and I love smartphones and just about anything about them. I have made “friends” through this blog and my YouTube channel. There have been great moments and accomplishments through doing what I do. I love to help people no matter what the problem is. I have become the go-to-guy for tech related topics and issues among my family and friends. To which is how I started this blog. I developed a knowledge and passion to use my experience for the good and to help those that need help. Simply put I just like to do this, it’s my hobby and I get a sense of purpose from doing all of what I do.

But is it worth it when I choose to put off spending time with my kids? Even if I do it sparingly. Don’t get me wrong, I do my best to keep my priorities in line (God, wife, kids, church, school and so on). But I admit it, there have been times I have not spent time with my kids or invested into my family as I should have because I HAD to get something done with whatever the case might be. Even more so I have placed God on the back burner giving him left overs of my time and energy.

In short, I have lost time, moments and opportunities with God, family and friends. I’ve missed out on things I can never get back. This video has caused me to reevaluate how I manage my time and what I invest into. Does this mean I am quitting this site or my channel? No. But it does mean I need to make a vigilant effort to keep my priorities straight. Life is too short to have regrets. My faith and family is what is most important.

Has this video caused you to reconsider some areas in your life? This generation is called the connected generation, but just how connected are we?

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