T-Mobile offers unlimited data upgrade for free by referring a friend to switch from another carrier

T-Mobile announced today yet another fantastic promotion to reward customers by giving a free upgrade if you refer someone to switch from another carrier. Starting next Friday, the 29th customers can begin operation Rescue Mission. On top of the deal those who are current Simple Choice subscribers will get a $10 credit.

Starting next week, whenever a T-Mobile Simple Choice customer throws a lifeline to a Sprint (or AT&T or Verizon) customer and brings them to the Un-carrier, both receive unlimited LTE data for a full year on T-Mobile’s blazing-fast LTE network, at no additional charge. T-Mobile Simple Choice customers who already have unlimited LTE data receive a $10 credit each month for twelve months.

This is an awesome deal to take part of and get some of that unlimited data goodness! This new deal is in response to Sprint’s family plan. CEO John Legere is on a roll at this point. Every time a new best deal ever from another carrier comes along he trumps it with something even better. What I like about this new promo is that it rewards current customers. It’s about time a carrier literally looks out for their current customers.

If you have been following my quest for a new carrier, you have learned that I am on the brink to switch from Verizon’s grandfathered unlimited data plan to TMO. Seeing this new deal, let’s just say it’s a matter of time till I make the switch. I am so impressed with how T-Mobile is doing business these days. Now they need to expand their network a little faster.

What’s your thoughts on T-Mobiles new promotion? Unlimited data free upgrade for a year!

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