Spracht Blunote Pro Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Conference calls

Spracht Blunote Pro Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker offers a bluetooth listening experience giving users the ability to listen to audio and answer phone calls. There are tons of bluetooth speakers these days to choose from and it’s getting tougher to find the best bang for your buck. Spracht offers a variety of products to choose from for a few different purposes of use. The Blunote is a made for the music lover and for the one who likes to use a speaker for conference calls.

The Blunote comes with everything you need to get started. There is an A/C power adapter, aux cable and instructions manual. The Blunote also comes with a charge which is nice because you can connect it to your device and start using the speaker right away. The A/C cable is a good size length. I have the speaker sitting in my desk hutch and the cable reaches all the way down to the floor underneath my desk where I have my surge protector. I like to have my speaker stationary, therefore the reason why I have the power cable stretched out the way I do. When the speaker is fully charged I simply unplug it. The 1500mAh battery will get you through most of the day of normal use if only using the battery. That means taking calls and listening to music throughout the workday.

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Speaking of conference calls, this is a wonderful feature. There are many times where I could have used the conference call speaker. For example, while editing a video or doing housework. Often enough I need to use two hands to multitask to carry on a conversation. The ease of simply tapping the answer key is convenient. The front panel has a cool display that will show the phone number of the call you are on.

Setting up bluetooth was one of the easiest connections I have used. The speaker showed up relatively fast on my device and connected within seconds. The speaker has about a 30 foot reach while using bluetooth.

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As far as the sound quality goes, I was pleased with what I heard. I am no audiofile, but I do appreciate quality sound. I think this speakers puts out good sound that everyone can enjoy. There is a bass boost option for those who like the extra oomph.

For the traveler, this is a nice options to use for many reasons. One, it’s small and portable. It will fit nicely in travel bags without worry of taking up a lot of space. Another use for this is if you make presentations with a laptop. This speaker is convenient to have for, well…conference calls. If you’re a team leader and need a way to collaborate ideas and meeting on the go this speaker is your answer.

Overall, this speaker has been great to use. I have no complaints about it and I think it is something you should checkout. There are many ways you can use this speaker. Whether it’s for your kids to have a dance party in the living room to closing an important deal over a phone call the Spracht Blunote will get the job done.

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