How to switch from iOS to Android

So you’ve decided that the grass maybe greener, and you’re all set up to step across the Android bridge. In this #ManualMondays we will be showing you how to easily can be to switch platforms even if you’re heavily invested into the iOS ecosystem. We’re going to take a look at how to transfer contacts, calendars, music, photos and videos through Google services.


Transferring contacts 

First, on your Apple device go to Settings > iCloud > and make sure that the contacts are checked so that they are backed up on iCloud. Next, go to your computer and lo into the iCloud Website online. Tap the gear icon at the bottom left and choose Select All > Export vCard, this will save your contacts as a VCF file. Now log into your Gmail on a separate tab, select  Contacts, or go to the Google Contacts page in your browser and tap Import. You can now select the the VCF file which you downloaded and it will sync your contacts with your Google account.


Syncing your calendar 
This is the easiest step, if you have already step up your Google account. You’ll need one for your Android phone anyway just like Apple devices have Apple ID. Go to Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendar on you iPhone and add your Gmail account,or select it if you have already added it. Then just check off the calendar. You can also do this with the calendar but it isn’t always instant.


Moving photos and videos
There are various ways of getting your precious memories to other platforms, such as plugging in your iPhone to Windows PC and selecting Import pictures and videos for an automatic transfer. Or select Open device to view files, your photos and videos will be in the Internal Storage/DCMI if you want to select them individually or in a group. If you have a Mac the import window should pop up when you plug in your iPhone, and then you can select your files from there.


Moving your music

You can legally move your TV shows, music and podcasts from iTunes to your Android phone because you would have to remove DRM protection first. But you can move you music which you have uploaded to iTunes ie CD’s which you have ripped from a CD or by other means. You would need to sign into Google Play Music on the web first and the ndownload the Google Play Music Manager. Then choose iTunes when prompted Where you store your musicyou’ll then be able to select Upload all songs or choose to select or deselect individual playlists and podcasts.

Finally, Welcome to the world of Android!
Apple is known for its tight integration within the ecosystem, but if you are switching to Android you’ll be using a lot more Google services. Your Google account has become virtual passport for a wide range of Google services. As long as you sign-in to your Google account you’ll have access to your contacts, bookmarks, appointments, and files on any device.

Google Contacts for backing up and sharing your contacts.
Google Calendar to keep up with your lives.
Google Drive which you can sync files, photos, videos, presentations ans share documents.
Google Docs for editing and sharing documents.
Google Slides for creating presentations.
Google Play Music for storing and streaming music from the cloud.
Google Photos for backing up and sharing photos to friends ans loved ones.
Google Hangouts for instant messaging and sharing files, pictures and videos.
Google Keep for notes and lists.


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