New improved Seidio Surface case – Moto X Pure Edition review

Seidio has been one of my top choices for cases. The Surface case is one of my favorite models they offer and they made some improvements. I’ve got the Surface case for the Moto X Pure Edition on hand to review and let me tell ya, this is probably my favorite case Seidio makes after using this case with the Moto X Pure Edition.

The Surface case is one of those cases I can recommend to anyone. It’s protective, slim, and looks pretty good. For those who like to have a holster, Seidio offers one of the best, if not the best holster you can get. What I have liked about the Surface case in the past is that it is slim and protective. The material is unique as well, because it has a texture that is like a matte finish giving it a good grippy surface (pun). I also like the fact that all the edges are covered and is raised above the screen. It’s altogether a great case!

Something that I do appreciate about Seidio is they try to improve their products. When the LG G3 came around they released an updated version of their Dilex Pro. Basically swapped a flimsy silicone inner piece with a stiff tpu material. Likewise the Surface which had only the slide/glide single case now has a tpu inner piece.

In the past the Surface had cutouts for the volume and power buttons, but now are covered up with the inner piece. If you know me at all, I hate it when buttons are hard to press. If they are hard to press I will not use the case. This new improved Seidio Surface case is great! This Surface case probably has the best button covered I have used. Especially for it being tpu material.

The Surface also has one of the best kickstands. It’s metal and magnetic. This was also one of the improvements that was made in comparison to previous models. In the past the kickstand was placed in the position to where if the phone was propped up the volume buttons would be on the surface, not where they could be pressed. This time the buttons are facing up and are accessible to adjust if playing media.

I’m pretty impressed with the new version of the Surface case and it’s definitely worth getting. It’s case that will last a long time and give your device the protection it needs.


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