Struggling to help other’s struggles

Yesterday I was in the middle of working through my statistics homework and was really having a hard time with the lessons. In the midst of doing my homework my family and I were watching Heaven Is Real movie. If you’re not familiar with the setting of the movie, it is based off of the popular book which is about a boy who had a visit in Heaven. Throughout the film the characters struggle though whether or not the boy imagined the event. As the story unfolds people’s struggles are revealed and true colors began to show. Those scenes are what spoke out to me the most.

Remember, I was in the middle of doing my stats homework. Mind I am by no means a fan of any sort of math. Stats is no exception. Math is a struggle that I have no choice to go through. It is an obstacle. Many times I have hard time realizing why this is even part of my degree for Crisis Counseling. At times I down right hate the subject. It causes my character to make the choice of giving up, having a good attitude about the struggle and staying focused.

But as I was frustrated with my struggle the Lord began to speak to my heart telling me about how I am going through this struggle so I can help other people’s struggles. This is a hard pill to swallow because I really don’t like stats. But it is the struggle that is the main problem. The issue of pushing through something that I don’t want to go through. The big picture has my situation as just a part of the picture. I have to┬ástep back and realize that I am going to college to earn my B.S. in Crisis Counseling because I want to help others through their struggles.

Earning isn’t always easy. At times there are obstacles, pains, crisis moments to get through because the refining process requires being put through the fire. This process allows character to be molded into what the creator has intended. Upon completing my degree I will be in shape to help others in a way many people cannot. The training involved stretches and challenges me to become what God has in mind for my life and in reality I am not the focus or concern. Others are my concern. I want to see change in people’s lives.

To see the change I want to see in the circles of influence I run in, I must swallow my pride, get my hands dirty and train! My goal is to make a difference, but I gotta get through this class first (in the sense of completing my degree). I struggle to help other’s struggles.

“But that’s not all! We gladly suffer,┬ábecause we know that suffering helps us to endure.And endurance builds character, which gives us a hope.” Romans 5:3-4

In the same breath of saying this is a struggle I am reminded of the famous hashtag #FirstWorldProblems and causes me to realize there are bigger fish to fry. However, going through struggles are hard no matter the situation. Regardless we have to represent Christ, keep a good attitude and finish strong.


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