Smartwatchless for the first time in a while

Ever since the Moto 360 came out I have had a smartwatch of some sort. When LG released the G Watch, I didn’t hop on that train because I wanted something that looked like a classic watch. I’ve always worn watches. Now for the the first time in a long time, I have no smartwatch to wear.


A couple months ago I swapped to the iPhone 7 Plus for sake of mixing things up and out of pure curiosity of what the phone was like. At the time I had a Moto 360 2nd generation watch and it was a great Android Wear watch. The Moto 360 works with an iPhone, but you miss out on all the functions compared to using it with an Android device. Obviously. Therefore, I traded someone for an Apple Watch series one. Again, a great watch. Perfect for the iPhone. Then I swapped back over to the Google Pixel last week. Stating the obvious again, the Apple Watch does not work with anything outside of an iPhone. So now I am stuck without a smartwatch with my Pixel.

Recently, LG released the LG Watch Sport and has been the only smartwatch I have really had my eye other than the Huawei Watch 2 coming out next month. The Samsung Gear S3 Classic is another watch I have considered getting as well. Here’s the issue(s).


The LG Watch Sport is expensive. The Huawei Watch 2 probably will cost about the same and does not come out for another month or so. The LG Watch Sport is also out of stock everywhere. Other than places like eBay and Swappa, which people are scalping people to make a profit due to the demand. The Samsung Gear S3 is intriguing because of features like Samsung Pay, but is limited in other functions in  comparison to Android Wear.

Financially, I am in a tough spot where I need (want) to get a new lens for my Sony a6500 to use with my gimbal for video projects such as wedding videos. That lens also costs a pretty penny even when buying used. These watches was not cheap and would definitely put myself in a hard place with how my money is spent. Not to mention two new flagships coming out in a month.

Alternatively, I could get a cheaper Android Wear watch and there are some great options out there. However, I would love to have a watch with Android Wear 2.0 and have Android Pay.

Decisions, decisions…

At the moment I am waiting out for a good deal on a LG Watch Sport, but really considering getting the Gear S3.

Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments.

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