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ICYMI: MWC, Google Pixel 2, YouTube TV, and more!

ICYMI this week was a big week in tech news because of Mobile World Congress. Anything else that happens this week seems to get snuffed out due to all the news coming out from MWC. However, there are a few things to take note of. Here’s the top tech news of the week.

Mobile World Congress

MWC is one of the highlights of the year as we see a few of the top smartphone manufacturers announce their flagships and other top products to be released this year. Samsung announced when they are going to announce the Galaxy S8 series. LG unveiled the G6 series. Motorola let us know about their budget low cost phones. Huawei showed off the upcoming P10.

There’s a ton news that comes from MWC, but those are definitely the highlights. For more information about MWC, click here to see Mobile Geezers take on the show.

Google Pixel 2

It’s been confirmed Google will release the 2nd generation of the Pixel phone later this year. Apparently, there is a rumor floating around that Google will make a lower cost phone. I have mixed feelings about that though.

The Pixel, non XL version is already a lower cost device. The Pixel/XL is already a barebones device. if they make it less than what it already is, I don’t know how much quality it will have. In my opinion, the Pixel/XL is overpriced as it is.

YouTube TV

Looks like YouTube is taking a stab at helping people cut cable and use internet streaming options. YouTube TV will have much of what you’ll get with cable. The service will cost $35 a month. This service might be worth it if your internet provider has a good plan apart from cable and internet bundles.

tech news

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