Seidio Surface Case w/ Kickstand – Samsung Galaxy S4

The Seidio Surface case is a great case to consider when you are in the market for Galaxy S4 cases. The case is durable, looks good and functional for everyday use.

The Surface case is a neat design. I like the slide on installation because is allows for a tight fit around the edges, unlike some other cases to which you have to fold over the edge of the case on the edge of the device (something like a silicone or tpu material type of case). The edges are secure and keeps out any kind of dust or debris from getting stuck between the phone and case, which can cause scratching.


The edges of the Surface case is compatible with most screen protectors. For this review I have a cheap eBay special screen protector and the edges of the Surface case do not interfere with the screen protection. It does not cause the screen protector to bend up or anything like that.

The overall feel of the case is nice and smooth. It is pocketable and does not attract lint like a silicone case does. However, the case at times feels a tad bit slippery. The Surface case is made a durable hard plastic material and can withstand and protect against scrapes, scratches and drops.


If you want even more protection Seidio offers a Convert Combo case that has the Surface case as the base case and adds an additional 2 layers of protection. I highly recommend the Convert Combo case if you are looking for rugged protection. But if you want good protection and a slim design you can’t go wrong with the Surface. If you wan a choice, the Convert Combo is the case for you.

The slide on design is cool. I love the feel of security that the case will not come apart. You have to apply pressure to the middle indention area in order to remove the case.

The kickstand is a nice addition to the Surface case. It is not bulky so it does not take away from the design of the case or phone. Kickstands are cool if you like to use your phone as a desk clock, alarm clock or watch videos. The kickstand is metal, magnetic and spring action.


I have always like Seidio’s holsters. The holsters are very durable and adds a great layer of protection for the device. The clip does not feel like it will break and fits large size belts, which is perfect for work belts.

I’m a fan of Seidio products. I believe what they offer is of good quality and you will get a good investment for what you pay for. I can’t wait to try out the Obex waterproof case when it comes out. I liked the Obex case over the LifeProof case for when I had an iPhone 5. Be on the lookout for the Obex when it releases!

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