Samsung Galaxy S4 Setup Wizard

One of the things every Android user experiences is the Setup Wizard or process, depending on the manufacturer each one is about the same process. But what settings and accounts should you setup to begin with during the wizard?

Personally, I like to just do the basic account login(s), which is pretty much only the Google/Gmail account to start out with. Other settings that are normally involved is location, backup/restore and any carrier options. I like to enable location services as well. I am not in a position to where I have to worry about battery life or any concerns like that. I will talk about battery life in another post.

I have put together a Setup Wizard guide and walkthrough video which lets you see for yourself what the whole process looks like. The process does not take long at all and averages around 5 minutes. This is a video that will you plan to budget how much time it will take to go through the Setup Wizard.

You do have the option to skip most of the Setup Wizard if you simply want to get started using the phone. Mind that most accounts will not be active till you sign in to them.

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