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Samsung sold out of Galaxy Buds with Galaxy S10 pre-orders

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Samsung sold out of Galaxy Buds with Galaxy S10 pre-orders. Apparently, S10 pre-orders are going rather well for Samsung. They sold out of the Galaxy Buds as a free promo when pre-ordering the Galaxy S10.

As a replacement offer, Samsung is now offering a $130 eCertificate when you pre-order a Galaxy S10. To some people that might actually be a welcomed change if you didn’t wan the Galaxy Buds.

Personally, I am looking forward to trying out the new Galaxy Buds. However, I wouldn’t have minded having had the choice between the Galaxy Buds or eCertificate.

Have you ordered an S10 yet? Will this help you pull the trigger?

I can’t wait for my Galaxy S10 Plus to make it here next week!Galaxy Buds

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