Samsung – Note Edge, Gear S and Gear VR

Besides announcing the new Note 4 today, Samsung also announced the Galaxy Note Edge, the Gear S and the Gear VR.

The Gear VR is Samsung’s virtual reality handset which uses the Note 4 (and only the Note 4) for its processing and display features. It reminds one of Google Cardboard, but it’s much closer to Oculus Rift. The Note 4 snaps into the Gear VR, creating a 3D effect with an immersive experience that detaches you from your real environment, using the VR’s dual lenses. What’s different from the Rift though, is that there are no wires tying you to a computer. Consequently, you’re able to move around freely. But, sitting might be best if you’d rather not walk into objects and walls. There is also a mode for turning off the ‘virtual’ experience by enabling the Note 4’s rear camera, allowing you to view the real world once again.
Samsung did include a couple of games and demos for the headset that are said to be fun, including an Avengers game which lets you explore Tony Stark’s labs and a space shooter game where you steer with head movements and blast enemies by tapping the Gear VR on the side to fire. At the moment, there is not much content for the VR, but Oculus has drawn attention to VR by showing what is possible and with Samsung now in the game, it is expected that more and more development will be coming. Samsung also says that a content store will be available, when the device is released for purchase.
Just minutes ago, Android Authority shared a new post informing us that Temple Run or in this case, Temple Run VR, will be coming to The Gear VR and should be out at the approximate time of the Gear VR release. So, well known developers are already jumping onto what might be a very lucrative bandwagon. No word yet on price or when the Gear VR will be available.

Note Edge images
On to the Galaxy Note Edge which was announced alongside the Note 4 today. According to Samsung, it is a special edition of the Note 4. As such, it has all of the Note 4 features, while adding a secondary screen along the actual edge of the device, eliminating the bezel entirely. Hence, the name. Both the main screen and Edge screen are super AMOLED displays with Quad HD resolution. Shortcuts are built into the Edge screen allowing more space on the main display. The Edge screen acts as a notification center (alerts, tweets, date and time, etc.). Samsung is offering an SDK to developers who want to create functionalities for the Edge screen. Again, no word on availability or price.

Gear S images
Finally, Samsung made the Gear S official today. The Gear S is a Tizen based smartwatch with its own SIM card slot and GPS sensor, allowing you to make and receive calls. It may be most advantageous when running, biking or taking part in some other outdoor activity, since it does allow freedom from being tethered to your phone. Although the Gear S is quite large, the curved design should make it more comfortable to wear than some of the more squarely designed watches. There has already been much written about the Gear S, so I’ll leave you with the knowledge that , like the Note 4, it will be available in October.

Sources: The Verge/Phandroid/Android Authority

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