Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Review

Battery life is probably one of the most asked about question about a smarthphone and is a deal breaker for some users. I have had my fair share of devices and needless to say have experiences all sorts of battery life scenarios. By far the WORST is the HTC Thunderbolt. Even with an extended battery the battery life was horrible. Up until the GS4 I would say that the iPhone 4 was the best battery life I had experienced. The standby time was amazing. I have not had the GS4 for even a week but I have had the opportunity to get a decent feel for the device for a few days now.

When I get a new device I am on it constantly trying to figure out all the ins and outs, the configurations and the setup of how I want my device to work for me. The first day the battery was hard to tell what kind of life I would get out of it, so I could not give a fair assessment. After day two though, I would say I was using the phone like I would from that day forward. Thus, giving me a good idea of how the battery will perform.

The GS4 sports a 2600mAh battery which is a bump up from the Gs3’s 2100mAh battery. I put together some screenshots and a video about my battery life experience and how I typically use a smartphone. Take a look at the screenies and video for an inside look at my device battery usage.

*Side note – A viewer on my YouTube channel brought up a valid point about viewing the battery life stats via the screen on time. I will post an update screenshot when I cycle a full charge to discharge so you guys can see what my screen on time states.

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