[Review] Video Audio Test: Samsung Galaxy SIII

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has built a reputation for having one of the best cameras installed on a smartphone. Bane Tech. is putting the reputation to the test in a quick review. The phone performed rather well but with this test I picked up on some items to avoid while filming a video on the GS3.

Check out the YouTube video.

The Good:

The high def. quality is simply amazing. The focus in well lit environments perform nicely. Some of the features used in this video test was the zoom, stabilization and audio. The visual of the zoom works great for decent close ups of items that are nearby. The stabilization can is not too shabby and the audio has a very crisp sound. Overall the quality is great. The snap shots are easy to use with the onscreen feature in the top righthand side of the screen.

The Not So Good:

One of the ways to use the zoom feature is to adjust with the volume rocker. I highly suggest not to use the volume rocker, unless you don’t mind the loud clicking noise or will edit the clicking out of the video. The stabilization once zoomed in all the way can be shaky if using the camera freehanded. If you plan to use the zoom I would suggest mounting the phone on a tripod for a sturdy picture. The audio can be too good (if that is such a problem). The GS3 offers great sound but can be too loud depending on your preference. The snapshot is a great feature but make sure you handle the phone smoothly, otherwise you may create a shaky picture.

Final Thoughts:

The Samsung Galaxy SIII lives up to the reputation of having a great camera. The only major draw back to the camera that I have noticed is low light settings, the camera will not perform as well.

Check Out:

The pics taken while filming and the YouTube video.


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