NFC (Near Field Communication).

Technology is moving fast these days. The features and capabilities of our devices are phenomenal. One of those features that is among us is NFC (Near Field Communication).

NFC in my own words is another form of communication between others devices that is a beefed up Bluetooth or WiFi connection. If you have seen or used the gas cards that you can wave over the pump, it is the same concept.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is among a few devices equipped with NFC. Most of the variants of the GS3 a able to use NFC. The next iPhone is rumored to offer NFC. Google Wallet is the favorite app to use NFC but for some reason Verizon seems to be the company not willing to let the consumer use the feature. For us Verizon users we can only hope for Google Wallet to be unlocked. PayPal has also jumped in the game to offer NFC for their customers.

I am looking forward to being able to use NFC with my phone. The idea of eliminating more items to carry in my pockets grabs my attention. Soon a need for a wallet will not be necessary. In the near future a business will be behind the times if they don’t offer NFC features, just like if a business now or days do not offer credit/ debit machines.

Have you been able to use NFC? If so how was the experience?

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