Rocketfish Mobile Hard Shell Case: iPhone 5

Rocketfish Mobile offers a Hard Shell Case in Black for the iPhone 5. There are a few more colors to choose from such as white and yellow. The black in my opinion looks good with the all black iPhone 5.


The material is made from a hard plastic which is designed for durability. The case is a little bit flexible but does not feel like it would snap from normal pressure. The flat black coating looks nice and complements the black color of the iPhone 5. The flat black coating also seemed to be oil and dirt resistant. Some finger prints can be seen at times but for the most part there are none to be seen.

This is ideal for protection only against light falls and will protect against scratches. The corners of the iPhone 5 is covered which is good for corner drops.


The tops and bottom of the iPhone 5 are left exposes thus giving the chance of blemishes happening in those areas that are not covered. The edge is flush with the surface of the screen, which does not protect from contact with the screen. I would not recommend placing the iPhone 5 faced down with this case. Be sure to have at least a screen protector installed if you plan to place the iPhone 5 faced down.


I would recommend this case for anyone looking for a minimalistic snap on hard case and for someone who is not looking for rugged protection. The case looks nice with the iPhone 5 and does not take away from the thin, elegant and stylish design of the iPhone 5. - You Got it from A Geek

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