iPhone 5 Unboxing

October is the release month of the new edition to the iPhone family. The New iPhone AKA iPhone 5, has made its debut and as expected sales are booming. Many stores are sold out and online orders reflect a shipping date of October 26th. Some suggested methods of obtaining the iPhone 5 is to call around to all suppliers of the iPhone. Which include Corporate Stores, In-direct Stores (Authorized Dealers), Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and Best Buy. There are a few more to hunt down like Radio Shack. My suggestion is to avoid eBay and Craiglist listings. Sellers normally will try to hike the price up and rip people off. It is worth calling around before giving into paying over retail value, which is $650 before tax for the 16GB model on the Verizon Website. Other retailers have different prices. Long story short, do some window shopping.

The Unboxing:

The iPhone comes wrapped in shrink wrap and has the normal box setup as we have seen from the prior releases of the iPhone. The iPhone comes with a wall charger, USB Lightening Port Cable, Earbuds and Manuals. The Earbuds come in a iPod style clear box which is a nice touch because if you do not plan to use the Earbuds you can keep them in mint condition.

The iPhone has a plastic film on the front and back which will protect from any scratches. The back protector can be left on without hindering the use of the phone except for the camera. The front however will need to be taken off in order to use the home button and the ear piece. One of the things I like about the Galaxy S3 is that the factory screen film is usable until official screen protectors are ready to be used. I have some screen protectors on order. I normally like to have screen protectors ready to install as soon as the device is taken out of the box. I don’t like to take any chances. I left the back film on, but ended up taking the front film off.

First Impression:

One of the first things to be noticed is the weight of the iPhone 5. There is a weight difference between the iPhone 4S and the 5. Some people have complained about the weight, but in my opinion the weight is just fine. Coming from the Galaxy S3 which is a light device I have no issue with weight.

Second thing to be noticed is the flat black stealth look around the frame and the back. Looks great. The iPhone looks and feels slimmer as well. The screen in my opinion is the perfect size screen. The screen size is great for one handed and two handed texting.

The buttons are for the most part in the same place. The biggest change in placement is the headphone jack which is on the bottom. The front facing camera is not placed in the middle and not beside the ear piece.


The iPhone 5 is not a major change from the previous two versions, but the changes that are made are fine tuned. It is the concept of “It’s the small things that count.” I like all the changes. With the unboxing experience, the device has actually impressed me thus far. Stay tuned for more reviews, how-tos, guides and opinions of The New iPhone. Look out for case reviews and giveaways.

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