[Review] Anker® Screen Protector Galaxy S5 Xtreme Scratch Defender High Definition (HD) Clear

There are SO many screen protector options out there to choose from when looking to protect your devices from the awful scratches and scuffs. So how do you know the right one to choose? I’ve owned quite the fair share of screen protectors in the past and I can confidently state Anker makes a good screen protector. They have three styles to choose from the Clear, Matte and Tempered Glass. For this review and installation I’ve got the Clear to showcase.

Personally, when shopping for accessories I look for a few things. First I look for the price. I am not going to spend an arm and leg for a screen protector. Anker currently has the Clear edition listed for only $5.99 for 3 in all. That is a GREAT price because the next thing I look for is quality. Just cause it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s a good product and after installation and testing this one out it is a good screen protector. The other element I look for in a screen protector are reviews. But be careful with reviews because not all reviews are legit these days. I explain why in THIS video. Fortunately, Anker has passed all my initial tests with what I look for when shopping for a new screen protector. Another perk for Amazon Prime members is you can get the product in two days.

First Impressions:

Upon opening the contents of the package I was happy to find Anker includes items to set you up for success. When opening the package you will find:

  •  [3 Pack] screen protectors
  • 1 micro-fiber cloth
  • 1 bubble-removal card
  • 1 dust-removal adhesive strip
  • 1 instruction manual

I’m really diggin companies placing dust removal kits with the packages. But what makes this one stand out from the rest is they include a big dust removal tape. Others I have used are small and hard to handle, especially with the big hands I have. The other thing I love is that there are 3 screen protectors included. So if you mess up you have a couple more strikes till you’re really SOL. If you have more than one device you have 3 to choose from.


Be sure to follow along with my video of the whole installation for a visual tutorial. Here are the steps I take to install a screen protector.

  • Turn off fans and A/C. This helps reduce the chances of dust landing on the device and screen protector.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Lay out all the elements.
  • Clean the device’s screen and make sure no specs are on the screen
  • Place the device at the top of the desk.
  • Peel away the first tab.
  • Bring the device closer and position horizontally.
  • Line up the screen protector using the home button and camera as landmarks.
  • Guide your hands down, one finger on each corner and line up the corners, edge and landmarks.
  • Once you think it is lined up slowly put the screen protector down and it should cling together.
  • Work out any bubbles and inspect for specs.
  • Remove the 2nd tab.
  • Profit.

For me the installation went rather smooth but ended up have a couple specs I needed to work out. Watch the video for how to remove specs.


In my opinion white devices looks the best and especially concerning screen protectors. The white color just seems to help blend together better than black or darker colors do. The Clear screen protector Anker offers makes it hard to see the once installed. It camouflages well together, which is what I want. The Galaxy S5 is a premium device and I want it looking good and not be masked with a tacky piece of plastic on the screen discounting the beauty of the full HD screen. Not too mention I like the bezels looking nice too! Often times I have seen edges look tacky because I could clearly see the screen protector on the phone. Just looks cheap at that point. But thankfully the Anker screen protector looks good all the way around, at least on the white GS5.

Looks aren’t everything with screen protectors. Not only do I want it looking premium, it needs to feel like a million bucks too and Anker does well in this department as well. For the most part, it feels like glass with a hint of plasticy texture to the touch. All-in-all it feels good and that’s what I care about. My finger slides comfortably along the screen without feeling too slippery and does not drag at all. I even used a stylus to see how it would do and it worked just fine.

Some nice features built in to this guy is it is:

  • Premium Japanese PET film with an industry-high 4H hardness prevents scratches.
  • Ultra-transparent (up to 96%) material and anti-smudge overlay maintain your screen’s original high-definition viewing experience.
  • High-response material preserves full, touch-screen sensitivity.
  • Easy, 3-step installation with the included tool kit.

One of my favorite features was that obviously my fingers ended up all over the screen protector during the screen protector installation which was a huge test in the finger print resistance and it really doesn’t leave much residue at all. Very cool!

Overall, my experience was a 5 starts out of 5 stars experience. No complaints at all. I really like the extras included in the kit, especially the large size dust removal tape and THREE screen protectors for a very affordable price. I don’t think you can go wrong with Anker’s screen protector.

Get the Screen Protector from Anker’s Store or from Amazon directly

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